Let’s ditch the term White Lives Matter

I do not like it when people use the term “White Lives Matter.”

Let me explain.

It does not mean I am an advocate of killing white people. I simply believe many people say it to mock the important “Black Lives Matter” movement. In our society we already know that white lives matter. We already know that blue lives matter. What we’ve had a difficult time understanding is that black lives matter also.

That’s why it is easier to choke out black males like Eric Garner and George Floyd. That’s why its easier to hunt down Ahmaud Arbery in the streets of Georgia.  Our lives are not as important. That’s one reason we have protests and the Black Lives Matter movement.

We are teaching the world that black lives do matter. White people are not the only students that should learn from this valuable lesson plan. Many in the black community don’t get it either.

We sing songs about killing niggers. We too often watch blacks murder other blacks for a fist full of dollars or gym shoes or jackets. Black lives should matter then also.

I used to have a saying that “Black lives don’t matter.”

Philadelphia Inquirer executive editor Stan Wischnowski resigned from the newspaper after it used the insensitive headline “Buildings Matter Too” on a column about property damage.

I’m sure the editors thought they were being cleaver. However, they dug another knife in an open wound and there was outrage in the black community.

I remember having a conversation about race with a white woman and her young daughter. The little girl asked her mom if black people were sad when one of their children died.

Instead of an immediate yes the woman had to think about it before saying: “I think so.”

For the record, we do mourn our dead. We have feelings also.

Back in the day the Detroit newspapers ran Monday briefs on all the murders that occurred in the city that weekend. I used to call it The Negro roundup. Then a white lady from Grosse Pointe was murdered in the city while buying drugs. That story made the front of the paper. In editor’s mind her life was more important than the eight or 10 black people that were murdered that weekend.

We need more love in this country. We must root out hate and ignorance.

I hate murder and I do believe that all lives matter. We are all part of a family. We all have somebody who loves us and depends on us.

I do believe that we have reached a tipping point with all the protest that are happening across the country.

If things go right The Black Lives movement will disappear because it won’t be necessary. That would mean Black Lives Matter is no longer a movement. It is a reality.


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