Demon in the house. And its hungry

GhostThere is a demon, ghost, poltergeist or spirit that lives in our house.

This thing loves to snack on cookies, chips and cake in the middle of the night. And it does not flush the toilet.

Last night I made a last check of the kitchen at around midnight. It was clean. This morning I woke up to cake crumbs scattered across the back counter and the middle island.

My daughter Celine swears she did not make the mess. She said my son Brandon sneaks down at night and frames her. Brandon said he did not get up last night. It’s like this most nights.

None of the children did it. Or at least they claim they didn’t. I know it was not wife Abs. Once her head hits the pillow that’s it for her until sun rise. It is not me. I gave up midnight snacking a long time ago.

The final conclusion is the house is haunted with post midnight snacker demons. These ghost do a great job of avoiding me. I try to sneak up on them, but I’ve never seen one.

I’m the worst person in the world when I make my grown ass kids clean up. They say it is unfair for me to make them clean up for something they did not do. I counter by saying it is unfair for me to wake up to a dirty kitchen after I clean it after dinner.

I’ve talked to other parents. They say those same ghosts hit their kitchen also,

Hey demons, if you are reading this can you do me one more favor? Flush the doggone toilet. You are nasty.

I need help. I just don’t know if I need a private detective or if I need to call Ghost Busters.

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