Childish MLB does not care about the game

mlbI must admit that at the beginning this pandemic that I longed to see LeBron James swinging from the rim after a crowd pleasing ally opp dunk.

I wanted to see Mike Trout strolling to the plate with runners on second and third with two outs. Hell I even woke up some mornings, turned off Morning Joe, and turned on Korean baseball.

Three months later I’ve learned to live without sports, in part because of the ridiculous back and forth between Major League Baseball owners and the MLB Players Association. We should be buying tickets for night games at Comerica Park by now. Or we should be looking forward to that chill evening in the back yard listening to Dan Dickerson or Jim Price.

In what should have been a week-long round of negotiations at best, baseball has dragged its feet for this petty fight for weeks, which threatens the sport for this season. We are talking about hundreds of men who live comfortable lives squabbling about money while blue collar workers who support this mess are suffering.

I was excited when I heard baseball would give us a star spangled Fourth of July start. Now I am upset that it won’t happen.

If owners and players don’t care enough about the game, then why should I?

Baseball should have been the first sport in America to quench our thirst for athletic competition. Now it looks like it could be the last one. The NHL and NBA figured it out. The King Kong of sports, otherwise known as the NFL, figured it out.

Baseball went from fighting about prorated contracts to length of season. In essence they are fighting about 10 games.

Players want a 70-game season and the extra revenue it brings. Owner want a 60-game season. Instead they are giving us a zero game season.

Figure it out guys.

Sometimes you must take a hit for the betterment of society. If they play then struggling workers get paid. If they play then baseball starved fans get to see action on the field.

Owners and players don’t seem to care about any of that. Then why should we?


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