Momma passing the torch to daughter: Same ol’ Lions

MARTHA-FORD-SELL-THE-TEAM-ROYAL-SHIRTNews that the Detroit Lions leadership has been passed from Martha Ford to her daughter Sheila Ford Hamp has been completely overblown.

It would be bigger news if the Lions announce that a different mentality was in the works. That someone who didn’t have the last name of Ford was taking over. This isn’t what folks were talking about when they fashioned T-shirts asking Martha Ford to sell the team.

Martha Ford learned from her husband William Clay Ford. Sheila learned at the knee of Martha Ford. That does not spell good news for starving Lions fans who have celebrated one playoff win since 1957 and is the only original NFL team never to have made a Super Bowl.

I had hope for Martha Ford as an owner. She has more fire than her husband did. She is more prone to shake things up than he is. However, she lost me when she decided to retain coach Matt Patricia and General Manager Bob Quinn after a dismal 9-22-1 run.

It was the letter that turned me off. She did not issue a must win edict as many in the media would want you to believe. She said she expected this team to be in playoff contention in December.

You do know that teams hovering around and below .500 are playoff contenders in December.

That’s not must win. She told Lions fans that she’d be content with the Lions returning to mediocrity. Quinn said 9-7 was not good enough when he fired coach Jim Caldwell. Martha Ford told us that 7-9 is good enough. Detroit fans deserve better.

It would have been news if the Lions told us that Martha Ford sold the team to Dan Gilbert or another person with deep pockets and a better vision.

I could only think of three words when I heard that the torch is being passed from mother to daughter.

Same ol’ Lions.

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