Blacks need better schools, not toppled statues

confederate statueStop tearing down the statues.

Protesters around the world are jumping the shark and have been distracted from the original point of these demonstrations following the death of George Floyd. I thought the idea was to rid our world of racism and hate and division.

You don’t do that by tearing down a Confederate statue.

I do believe in The Black Lives Matter movement. However, the group has been hijacked by out of control young people who don’t know enough about our history and don’t understand what black folks really need in order to overcome.

Black people don’t need Confederate statues dunked in rivers or torn from their base.

Black people need better schools, better jobs and hope. They need to feel like they’ve got a fair shot in life.

People scream that black lives matter. But do they really believe it? Or is it the cool thing to say these days?

I’ve hungered for equal rights for every person in this country for years. I foolishly believed we had a chance when the nation began protesting the Floyd murder at the knee of a Minneapolis cop.

The movement was swift and grand and ongoing. White people were even protesting. Even Republicans were appalled. And then the movement got hijacked by evil, greed and stupidity.

When people began looting stores it turned off a bunch of people who could actually help make change in this country. They turned from cheerleaders into non supporters. Now I see why Dr. Martin Luther King believed the best way to make change was through non violence.

I thought that when this was all said and done we’d see a pathway toward blacks gaining more freedom in this country. I thought we’d see legislation that makes it more difficult for police to murder unarmed blacks.

I thought we’d see a path blazed for better education and schools for blacks. I saw hope. Now I am seeing it die because of distractions that took us off that pathway.

I hate many of the Confederate statues that are being defaced and torn down. However, a part of me says leave them up. We need to be reminded of this country’s racist past.

These protesters have stepped outside the scoop of the Confederacy. Yes, George Washington owned 150 slaves, but he also fought to abolish slavery and there might not be a United States of America if not for his leadership on the battle field.

How do you tear down Abraham Lincoln who freed the slaves? And in the United Kingdom they want to remove the statue of Mahatma Gandhi, who Dr. King patterned much of his civil rights movement after.

We can tear down these relics of the past after this country fixes real problems.

Blacks need better schools, better housing, jobs and hope. You don’t obtain any of that by tearing down statues. Let’s get focused America.



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