Covid still kicking so stay away from me

masksMaybe it’s time for me to go back into the bubble. This young whipper snapper Covid has me worried.

So does society. I need to stay away from people because we are failing to act right. You see too many people who believe a network of doctors and media members are lying about this pandemic that is sweeping the world.

They are tired of being holed up in the house and are acting irresponsibly in public now that they are getting their freedom back.

How this turned into a political issue is beyond me. The Republicans are going to hold their convention in Florida like nothing has happened. The Grand Old Party goes on. President Donald Trump will lead everyone in song, dance and lies.

Meanwhile, the Democrats are telling delegates to stay home. Do not go to Milwaukee. Presidential hopeful Joe Biden will speak to a mostly empty room as he’s done the past few weeks from his basement while wearing pajama bottoms and those cute bunny rabbit house shoes.

It looks like a battle between Sleepy Joe and Dumb Donald.

I am worried about my own health. I am above the age of 60 with preexisting conditions. I might not be much of a match if I had to battle Covid. That’s why I’m going back into the bubble. You won’t see me in a bar. You won’t see me in a restaurant unless I am getting carry out for the family.

As of Wednesday 68,555 people have caught the virus in Michigan while 6,114 people have died. Those numbers stabilized for a bit while Gov. Gretchen Whitmer issued a stay at home order. Now those numbers are beginning to rise again as we venture around town without a care in the world.

You might see me at the grocery store wearing a mask or face covering. Speaking of masks, why are people so dead set against wearing them? People are saying masks are killing people when they actually provide protection.. Scottsdale, Az. Councilman Guy Phillips spoke at an anti-mask rally while wearing a mask.

“I can’t breathe. I can’t breathe,” he told the crowd.

Then he took his mask off and talked about how much better life is to rousing cheers.

A number of counties in Florida are being sued for issuing masks mandates.

I run into two sets of people — at a safe social distance of course.

One group of people follow the lead of Trump and say all this is fake news and a hoax.  White House Health advisor Anthony Fauci is getting paid for spreading fear. Don’t believe what you are seeing on television. And don’t believe the doctors.

Then there is the other extreme. If I leave the house I will turn into a pillar of salt and die a horrible death.

There has got to be a sensible solution in the middle.

You see people barging into stores without masks and shoving the poor employee whose job is to make sure everybody wears a mask, not only for your protection but for others.

I’ve seen people gather for no reason other than to say this is all a hoax while butchering the English language.

“I ain’t got no Covid.”

They were young people of course. Our youth are the most dangerous creatures on Earth right now. They believe they can get Covid and show no symptoms. They can shrug it off and be fine. But they can also give it to me and I won’t be so lucky.

So if you are young stay the fuck away from me.

I’ll call the police.

I ain’t got no Covid. And I want to keep it that way.

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