Rob and Bob helped me recover

Rob-Parker-Headshot_727x727wojoRob and Bob.

Those are two names I will remember most when a stroke struck me down almost four years ago.

They were the two people outside of family who checked on me most. They are the two names who wanted to know how I was feeling and what did I need from them to make things better.

Rob and Bob are Rob Parker and Bob Wojnowski.

They called, they texted, they private messaged. Every time they did it helped in my recovery.

I used to be the exact opposite. If somebody became ill I thought the best for them was peace and quiet from friends. They needed rest and they needed to be free from outside distractions.

I changed my mindset after spending eight days in the hospital. I needed friends. I needed to hear that somebody cared when I was at my lowest. Sometimes people need people.

I have worked with Wojo at three locations. The Detroit News, WDFN and 97.1 The Ticket. We’d share appetizers, gin and tonics and beer at Bar Louie’s in Novi. I met Rob while covering the NBA. I also worked with him at WDFN and The Detroit News. I always told people he was a good guy although many of you did not believe me.

I also appreciated the well wishes from my friends on Facebook and other social media platforms. I appreciate the hard work and love from my wife Abs who became my patient advocate.

Even the evil people stayed away for a while. Then I made the mistake of writing during my recovery that I could not afford to have another stroke. If I did I would either die or be paralyzed for life.

That provided an opening for the miserable people. Mixed inside the well wishes were mean messages.

“Well I hope you have another stroke.”

“I know what I’m hoping for now. Just one more time.”

Now I can brush it aside as miserable people being miserable. At the time it cut to the core and hurt me deeply.

Then I would hear from Rob or Bob. And everything was OK again.

Thank you my friends.

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