I wear a mask to protect me and my American teammates

mask2I was walking out of an indoor establishment when I heard the following.

“Oh no. Not you too T Foss.”

The man’s name was Chad and he was upset that I wore a mask. He wanted to know why I chose to give up my civil rights and bow to the lies of the media and doctors and wear a mask. Here’s why.

First we are living during a pandemic and I want to be as safe as possible. I do not believe the media and thousands of doctors are lying to us. My question is what is the pay off for them to lie? Do they all have stock in the ads that peddle masks to us every time we log into Facebook?

I wear a mask because I believe I am doing my small part to stop the spread of this novel Corona virus. I do it for my protection and I do it for yours. I do it for my team. Team America. And you are my teammates.

I would feel terrible if I got Covid-19 and spread it to you. I also believe that I cannot afford to catch it if I want to live a long life. The anti-mask people first tried to tell us that the Corona Virus was a hoax. Then when they realized it was indeed real, then they tried to tell us it was like catching the flu.

After we found it to be more serious than the flu they tried to tell us the chances of catching it was miniscule. Now they are shaming us for wearing masks.

I do not wear a mask in my house. I do not wear a mask in my car. I do not wear a mask when I walk around the neighborhood. I did not wear a mask for my 5.5 mile walk around Union Lake.

But I do wear it in the grocery store, the drug store and when picking up carry out food from a restaurant. I probably wear my mask less than 10 percent of my life. It is a small sacrifice I am willing to make to protect me and my teammates.

People talk about the idea of giving up their rights. Don’t we do that every day? No shoes. No shirt. No service. We see that sign every day and nobody complains. Some restaurants have dress codes. We either dress to conform or we go to another restaurant.

Why are we fighting over something that can save lives?

I am not a good candidate for Covid-19. I am over 60 years old and I have preexisting conditions. I already dodged death before. I don’t want to do it again this soon. I also don’t get all of my information from the news. Some of it about Covid comes from real life experiences.

When they say the disease has rumbled through the black community like wild fire, those are not lies. Between my wife and me when know of at least 10 people who have died from the virus. That’s a lot.

Even President Donald Trump says it is a good idea to wear a mask even though he does not wear one in public.

The anti-masks people spread the false narrative that wearing a mask causes hypercapnia or carbon dioxide poisoning. If that were the case how come there has not been an epidemic of surgeons dying. They often perform surgeries lasting for hours.

A number of doctors have debunked this, including childhood cancer researcher Victoria Forster who wrote in a blog for Forbes that Co2 poisoning does not occur while wearing a mask.

Then they point out that a number of doctors and nurses get sick while fighting the virus in hospitals. I never said masks were 100 percent. You reduce your chances of getting sick. And I don’t plan on hanging out in the lobby of Receiving Hospital any time soon. When you are on the front lines of a war there are going to be casualties no matter how careful you are.

A mask can be uncomfortable in the heat. It can cause acne. And it can cause discomfort around the ears if you wear it too long.

Those are sacrifices I am willing to make for me and my teammates.


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