Did this happen because I’m black

purse-snatcher_cp_pursesnatcher_c_display_imageLet’s play a game today.

Did this happen because I’m black?

It is a game I get to play periodically in life following real life experiences because you wonder if a person treated you differently because they thought you were going to do something wrong because you are black? Or is this the way the person would react to anyone?

Let’s play. Make up your own mind.

The wife and I stopped into a vitamin store to get Vitamin D for my daily regiment of pills. Abs asked the lone woman in the store if she had vitamin D. She said yes and got the bottle for us.

While Abs paid for the vitamins I took a lap around the store looking at the merchandise. I was in the back of the store when the transaction began. During mid transaction the woman left the counter,  closed the back door where her purse and extra supplies were stored and hustled back to the cash register.

My wife vowed to never go to the store again because she believes the woman only closed the door because she did not trust a black person near her open store room and purse.

“Did you see that,” she said as we left the store.

I told her I noticed but I was not sure of her intent.

Now was the woman being cautious and treated me like any other customer? Or did she close the door because I was black?

It is a question black people ask many times in their lives. Sometimes we are sure we witnessed racist behavior. Sometimes we are not sure. And sometimes we get it wrong.

What do you think about the incident?

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