This police protest sign is wrong

protest signsI do not mind protesters carrying signs that say Black Lives Matter. I kind of dig the signs that say No Justice. No peace. And there was even a cleaver one that says Know Justice. Know Peace.

There is one sign that bothered me. It is one I would not carry or would want my children to carry. It said “The only good cop is a dead cop.” In other words it gave justification to kill all police officers. That’s wrong.

Despite the lack of media coverage the George Floyd protests continue across the nation. People remain angry and want justice. I do believe they have lost their focus because people are more intent on tearing down statues than tackling the real problems that face blacks.

We need to fix the educational system in the black community and provide jobs.

Let’s get back to the issue of the only good cop is a dead cop. There are bad police officers who do not value life. But we cannot lump every police officer into that category.

There is another sign that is almost as dangerous but we must understand its history. It says “The only good pig is a dead pig.”

Let’s go back in history. The Black Panther Party in Oakland ran a fowl of the law by running a cartoon that said “The only good pig is a dead pig.” Authorities assumed the group advocated killing all police officers. That was not true. The group said there are good police officers and there are bad police officers who want to stab you in the back. Those are the pigs.

I don’t believe most of society knows this. When they hear pig. They hear police. It is also a dangerous message.

I’ve seen some incredible acts of healing from the Genesee County Sheriffs Department, Detroit Police Department and Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo. And I want to introduce you to a man on the West Bloomfield Police Department we meet three years ago with the Australian accent.

My family and a few of our friends were preparing for my daughter Celine’s high school graduation party at Marsh Bank Park. This chatty police officer with an Australian accent pops up, asks how we are doing and offers to help us sweep and set up.

I did not catch his name, but he was a wonderful ambassador for the department. Would this police officer only be a good police officer if he were dead? Or was he already a good guy?

My son has been pulled over for speeding. No incident. He remembered all our talks about being pulled over and aced it. He said the officer who pulled him over was very nice.

I’ve been detained for (now don’t laugh) bank robbery. No incident.

During my radio days we went out to dinner in Royal Oak and ran into three officers after jay walking. One officer went ape shit and caused a scene. It was so bad that I refused to go to Royal Oak for a year. The two police officers with him calmed him down and were a primary reason I went back.

Do you know what pisses me off? I hated when white people lumped me into a sub human category and assumed I came into their shops and stores to steal. Now when someone holds up a sign that says “The only good pig is a dead pig” aren’t they doing the same? They are telling an already agitated crowd that every cop they run into is a bad cop.

It’s wrong.

We can do better.

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