Now that America is woke lets make real change

the mastersSomeone sent me a Dead Spin column from Rob Parker about changing The Masters to another name because it hints at slavery. It is also believed that the Augusta National Golf Club used to house slaves.

They wanted to know what I thought.

I am not offended by the name Masters. Now that America is woke, removing the name “The Masters” and tearing down Confederate statues is so far down my priority list. I do not disagree with Rob’s column but removing The Masters name is not a priority for me at this time.

Do you really want to change America? Do you really want equal opportunity for all?

We have a short opportunity to make change. America won’t be woke for long. The bigots and racists are already beginning to kick up their heels and stunt the movement to rid our country of systematic racism.

While we are woke let’s make real changes that will help black people and the poor.

Before we tear down more statues let’s tear down the walls of ignorance. Let’s build bridges.

It begins with our educational system. Let’s build up the school system in the black community. Children should not have to go to school with rats and roaches and asbestos filled plaster falling all around them.

What was the number one thing White America wanted to deny blacks when they were freed as slaves? An education. The ability to read, write and think for yourself gives you power and a possible pathway to prosperity.

We must tear down the backwards thinking in the black community where children face ridicule from their peers for wanting to read and write and further their education. The neighborhood kids made fun of me for reading books in the summer. They accused me of wanting to be white.

That same okey doke mentality is still around.

We must provide the black community with more job opportunities within the black community. My old neighborhood in Detroit has no markets and one restaurant with job opportunities. I live in the suburbs now and there is a market, health club, six restaurants and three gas stations within walking distance for my son to get a part time job.

There is opportunity.  They are not great jobs, but its better than not having a job.

Let’s create a world where black people feel the same being pulled over by the police as whites.

We must insert the black father back into the black family. Nearly 70 percent of single mothers live in poverty. And 72 percent of black children are raised by a single parent.

Let’s forget the symbolism for a moment. Now that we are woke. Let’s make real change.




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