2020 isn’t the same for high school graduates

Michigan_State_University_seal.svg I wore a lime green tuxedo with green shoes and white shirt with lime green and powder blue ruffles for my senior prom.

The reason I was dressed like Bozo the Clowns understudy was because I was trying to match my date Debbie June’s dress. It was a mistake I can never take back.

The suit was a disaster, but the fro was looking sweet.

My son Brandon won’t experience that because he is a victim of the 2020 high school graduating class and the Covid-19 slowdown.

Debbie June and I had dinner at a downtown restaurant at Jim’s Garage and we went to a party on the 60th floor of the Westin Hotel in the Renaissance Center. I have no idea how we fit that all in with a midnight curfew.

I might have been a couple of minutes late.

My son won’t experience any of that.

We went to Belle Isle and Palmer Park for senior skip day.

Brandon’s all night senior party was cancelled. He has yet to walk across the stage to receive his diploma. And he never got to say good bye to his high school buddies. And there was no senior skip day.

I feel sorry for the 2020 graduating class. A basketball tournament was left in limbo, a baseball season cancelled and soccer balls were left in the closet. Science projects never exploded, fizzled or flopped.

We hope to bring joy to the boy this Saturday by throwing him parade party in front of the house. Friends and family drive by the house, congratulate the boy, and we will serve them shrimp, chicken or black bean tacos.

And don’t forget to wear a mask. Sorry. No hugs.

It is the best we can do living under the roof as the female version of Dr. Fauci.

Three years ago we threw a shin dig for my daughter Celine at Marsh Bank Park. We had a barbeque buffet, ice cream stand, brag table filled with all her awards and accomplishments. The day was perfect as about 250 people showed up and there was no such thing as social distancing.

I have no idea how many people will show up for Brandon’s party. We know our loving neighbors will show up. They’ve offered supplies and muscle to help us out, which I appreciate.

Brandon is to enroll at Michigan State University in the fall if there is class, which means his parade party will be decked out in green and white. We wanted Sparty to show up, but he did not fit the budget.

When Brandon moves out of the house I want to be in charge of decorating his dorm room so that it does not look too womanly or babyish. A man needs a little grit and gray in his room, not flowers and ribbons.

Of course we don’t know the status of classes for MSU in the fall. If everything is online I have proposed that Brandon begins his college career at Oakland Community College.

We shall see. Everything is up in the air.

I feel sorry for the boy. The senior experience wasn’t the same. But at least he didn’t have to dress up like Bozo the Clown.



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