The perfect parade party

I know what I will be eating for the next three days.

Shrimp tacos, grilled chicken breasts with a zesty barbeque sauce, baked beans and potato salad. Those are the left overs that remain from our perfect graduation parade party for my son Brandon.

Because of Covid-19 we scrapped a traditional graduation party to celebrate his 2020 graduation from West Bloomfield High School. Visitors cruised our cul de sac where we greeted them while wearing masks. We also gave each visitor shrimp, chicken or black bean tacos and sugar cookies with sprinkles.

We ordered chicken dinners for the family.

It wasn’t the party we wanted to give my son, but things worked out well considering the conditions we live in. We did not want to have  a traditional party of non social distancing considering that the virus is beginning to uptick again. But we wanted to do something for the boy because he worked hard to get to where he is.

Our street was lined with tributes to Brandon. We placed a life size cut out of him in his cap and gown. We also lined the streets with congratulatory messages and photos of him as a baby, playing soccer and as a young boy. And there were lots of green and white balloons because he is expected to begin his freshman year at Michigan State University in the fall.

A food truck, parked in the driveway, served tacos and we hired a DJ who cranked out tunes on the front lawn.

It was a perfect day except for the time I got yelled at by my wife Abs for losing the masking tape and scissors during setup. Abs is an A personality and she gets stressed out when we plan things because she wants it to be perfect.

We struggled to put up one of the banners and she meant to give me the scissors and tape to fortify the banner.

“Where are the scissors and tape,? she demanded. “I know I gave it to you. And you lost it.”

I did not argue. I immediately went looking for the tape and scissors.

I found them on her desk in her office.

But I did not mind getting yelled at. The smile on Brandon’s face after the party was all I needed to see.



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