Don’t drink, drive and taunt

car crashWe all know not to drink and drive.

Let me add on to that.

Do not drink, drive and taunt.

Let’s go back in time when I lived in Lafayette Towers in downtown Detroit. Some of my friends called to ask if I wanted to play basketball at a church on East 7 Mile in Detroit.

I accepted the challenge and drove over to the church on cold, windy night and began playing with my friends. About an hour into our games a guy barged through the gym doors and shouted: “Does anyone have a blue Chrysler.”

Yep. That would be me.

“Somebody totaled your car” the man said.

How could that be? My car was parked on 7 Mile Road along with 10 other cars in front of the church.

I rushed out of the church to see my back window smashed along with my rear bumper. The front of my car was mangled too because it was pushed into the car in front. A thin man in his 50s stood near my car staggering. He’d been drinking heavily.

He lit into me immediately.

“Is this your shit,?” he asked. “This is your fault. It’s cold and slippery outside. You shouldn’t have come out tonight. You should have kept your ass at home.”

I promised myself I would remain calm. Accidents do happen. But this fool had been drinking all day. Then he got the munchies and wanted a sack of burgers. So he gets in his car and plows into mine.

And it’s my fault?

Later I called my insurance company. The car was totaled. I’d have to get a new one.

I was more shocked than angry. I wanted to attack this guy. But what good would that do? Besides, one of my friends told me that this was the booze talking. He didn’t really know what he was talking about.

He kept up. He said he was calling his lawyer and suing me. His antics became amusing now. There is not court in America who would hear this case and rule in his favor.

“You probably can’t play basketball any way,” he said. “How many times did your sorry ass get dunked on tonight?”

OK. That was the last straw. He’s talking about my game now. I’m kicking his ass for real.

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