Sports fans give Rico a chance

Rico-BeardGive Rico a chance.

When CBS Radio reluctantly paired me with Mike Valenti we heard how our show would last six months tops.

I sucked. Mike sucked.

That sure was a long six months. We were together for 13 years and still might be at each other’s throats if I didn’t get sick nearly four years ago.

The radio station said we were a bad pairing when it revamped our lineup. We outlasted shows that were supposed to be more polished and more entertaining than us.

During our first show after replacing Dominski and Doyle in the afternoons on 971 the phone lines lit up as soon as we hit the air.

“Get these two bozos off the air,” the people demanded.

Our new audience hated us.

In other words give Rico a chance.

There has been a shift in afternoon sports radio. Rico Beard is paired with Valenti from 2-6 pm. And I’m here to tell you that it will work out. It will work out because this is the man Mike wanted by his side. It will work out because the two have a better relationship than Mike and I had. It will work out because Rico will work hard and he won’t be distracted by two jobs as I was for much of my radio career.

And even if it doesn’t work out on day one, they will figure it out. Shows are always evolving and people figure things out. Smart people are involved in this. And they know better than to have a daily Sparty party.

If the show is bad you will stop listening. However, there is pressure on the talent to not only be good. The expectation is to be number one in the market. Imagine if the Lions were expected to win the Super Bowl each year or the Tigers the World Series.

Give Rico a chance.

Radio is tough. The audience can easily tune you out. And many of the people that listen believe they can do a better job than you. But you must fight through that and do the best you can each and every day.

Or you can glance at the text that come into the station on a consistent bases and read.

“Have another stroke.”


The public is cruel and direct. And your portrayal of us is often wrong. Rico don’t read Ticket text unless you have to.

I will give Rico just one more piece of advice.

Be yourself.

It will all work out.



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