My mega talk with the Mega Man

Griffin radioThe voice wasn’t as strong and powerful as it was before. But he could speak.

Life has changed. But he is still alive.

I had a conversation with Ike “Mega Man” Griffin and I hope it was as therapeutic for him as it was for me.

Griffin was one of our bright lights at Sports Radio 1130 AM where he was known as the Mega Man and huge supporter of the Detroit Lions and Michigan State football.

Griffin is recovering from a stroke that has humbled him and has him trying to regain his voice and ability to walk. I wanted him to know that people in Michigan were thinking about him. They were rooting for him.

I also wanted to share my experiences with him to let him know that life after stroke was possible.

It is what people did for me when I had a stroke nearly four years ago. They told me about their experiences and the ups and downs of their recovery. It helped me see a path to recovery. It meant so much.

I too lost my ability to walk while in the hospital. One of the therapist wrapped a belt around me to guide me through the hospital for a test spin. It was to see if I could walk and bend and do normal tasks.

When I left my hospital room I noticed a sign that said: “Fall risk.”

I ask the therapist who the fall risk was. She laughed and said: “You are.”

Griffin laughed at my story because he experienced the same thing. You are sick, but your mind is telling you that you can do all the things that made life enjoyable. Unfortunately your body disagrees.

Griffin’s mind is telling him that he can still knock people to the ground as he did as a Michigan State Spartan and San Francisco 49er. But the body won’t let him.

I could tell his spirits picked up as we chatted. We had a common bond and experienced neither of us wanted to go through. That’s water under the bridge. Now the goal is to recover and hope that life returns as close to normal as possible.

I am not the same person.

My hand to eye coordination is not the same.

I do not speak as confidently as before.

Sometimes I find things funny but cannot laugh.

I get emotional sometimes for no reason.

Ike has experienced many of the same. But we both feel so fortunate. We are still here.

We got to speak to each other on the phone. We both felt good about that because that was a phone call that was not promised.

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