Here’s hoping boys in the hood remain Spartan boys

Barton is a neighborhood kid. He just completed his senior year at Walled Lake Northern and is going to attend Michigan State University in the fall.

Brandon is my son. He just completed his senior year at West Bloomfield High School and is going to attend Michigan State in the fall.

They grew up together, played in the yard together and spent rainy days in our basement.

I have one wish for the both of them. I hope they remain friends in college. I hope the bond they have never breaks.

Barton is white. Brandon is black.

Things change when you are in college. Barton will gather a new set of friends. Brandon will collect his.

My fear is that when see each other with their new set of boys that they will ignore the neighborhood friend. I’ve seen it often. I do not want to see it happen with two kids that I like.

This is something that black kids often perpetuate. I fear Brandon will be hanging out with his black friends trying to be cool. Barton passes by. Does he get an introduction? Does he get a head nod? Or does Brandon completely ignore his childhood friend?

Our families are close. I’d hate for there to be a break because of something that happens away from our neighborhood.

I hope the neighborhood boys remain boys as Spartans.

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