Let Jamie be your guide. Get that colonoscopy soon

jamieHis first email address was JamSam22. That’s why I call Jamie Samuelson Two, Two.

He’s been Sammy the Sports Sultan, The Big Headed Kid. He is a good guy, a family guy and a smart guy. Jamie is not just a friend to us in the sports media. He is a friend to all when he reaches out to the people in the Detroit community whether he is Two, Two, Sammy the Sports Sultan or The Big Headed Kid.

No matter the name Jamie comes with an important message after revealing on 97.1 The Ticket that he has been battling colon cancer the past 19 months. I’d love to tell Jamie stories while at WDFN or 97.1. But there is an important message Jamie wants to get out. Get a colonoscopy.

It can help save your life. And its not bad at all.

Do not be afraid. I’ve had two of them and one helped save me front long, painful treatments within my lower bowels. If you are not afraid of a good one hour nap then you should not be afraid of a colonoscopy. The worst part is drinking this nasty lemon lime concoction that cleans out your system.

And I come with advice to make that go down easier.

You must fast the day before. You can drink clear liquids and the laxative that clears out your bowels. I hated the taste, but it became more manageable by putting the jug of solution in the refrigerator and chilling it.

Pretend you are drinking bad 7-Up or Sprite. And I tweaked an old sports cliché’ “one game at a time” into “one glass at a time.”

Buy magazines or a good book because you are going to be on the toilet — a lot. You might want to wear a mask also.

See if you can schedule your colonoscopy in the morning so you don’t have to go a second day of fasting and drinking yucky liquid.

Find a driver to take you to your procedure and you are in and out before you know it. I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy during my procedure. Usually my doctor does out patient in his office, but I had mine at Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak as a precaution in case I had complications from my stroke.

There were none.

They put me to sleep, did their thing, and I woke up fresh and ready to go eat. Even if you are not ready to have a colonoscopy, volunteer to take a friend. Then you will see how easy the process is before you get yours.

I served as Vince Ellis’ DD. The process was so quick that I told him they had not worked on him when I left the visiting room to go see him. He was sound asleep. He woke up ready to tackle the world and did not feel a thing.

I asked my doctor if he actually performed the procedure. I felt no pain, no discomfort. He said he examined me and cut out a few non cancerous polyps.

Let Jamie be our leader. I’d get a colonoscopy this week. But I had one a year ago and they advise one every 10 years when you get my age.jamie



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