Temperature rising. Do I have Covid-19?

I was fast asleep when I felt my wife Abs wiping off my forehead.

The gesture woke me up and I was slightly annoyed until I felt ripples of water pouring from my face.

“You are hot,” she said.

“You are wrong,” I replied. “I am burning up.”

The first thing that came to mind was Covid-19. Did I have it?

I got out of bed. Not only was my forehead puddled in sweat, but my shirt was soaking. Some of signs of Covid-19 are coughing and fever. I was not coughing but I never sweat like this. It was unbearable and a little scary.

I’d been out a little bit the past two weeks, getting out of the house and trying to enjoy life in our new world as much as possible. I wore my mask, but came in contact with people who were not wearing masks.

We went to an outside graduation party where most people did not wear masks. I picked up carry out in a restaurant. And we spoke to funeral home friends from the black community who said at one point Covid was so bad that they had to turn away customers.

It was all adding up. I had the disease.

There are more than 4.4 million confirmed cases in the United States with more than 151,000 deaths. There are nearly 80,000 confirmed cases in Michigan and more than 6,000 deaths.

I was so warm that morning I feared that I had the disease too.

But then I unwrapped myself from the covers. I some how became wrapped up in Big Bear. Big Bear is this thick warm blanket that we only use in the winter months or when it was cold. In summer we take if off the bed and place it inside my closet. Somehow Big Bear made its way to the bed where I became wrapped in its grips, making me sweat like a pig.

I went downstairs to the kitchen where my body felt cooler and the sweat began to diminish. About 15 minutes after departing from Big Bear I felt normal again.

I was so happy.

I remain Covid free.


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