Mask antagonist catches Covid-19

A few weeks ago I wrote about the man who chastised me for wearing a mask in a restaurant. He is not convinced that masks help prevent the spread of Covid-19 and believes that people who wear masks are liberal sheep.

As I was leaving the restaurant sporting my Central Michigan University decorated mask I heard this.

“Oh no, not you too T-Foss.”

He was disappointed to see me wearing a mask and believed I’d fallen for the “media lies” about the benefits of wearing a mask. His name was Chad and he refuses to wear a mask because he does not believe in them.

Sadly, I heard from Chad again this week. He did not catcall me. He sent a direct message on Face Book to tell me about his recent battle with Covid-19. I kid you not. The man who made fun of me for wearing a mask caught the disease I am trying to avoid.

He was released from the hospital on Saturday after suffering Covid induced pneumonia. The first sign of Covid was a fever of 103 degrees that lasted five days. Next came dehydration and then five days of breathing complications. Finally came blood clots on the lungs that induced painful coughs.

He went through a terrible ordeal while in and out of the hospital. He is home now recovering but still feels affects from the disease.

“The fever will keep coming and going and you will keep soaking through your blankets and clothes,” he wrote. “The mental health part of it comes into play as you don’t know when the virus will let up.”

Despite the scare young Chadwick still is not an advocate of wearing masks. This is almost a replay of GOP representative of Louis Gohmet, who refused to wear a mask and caught the virus prior to a scheduled trip to Texas.

He hinted that he might have caught the virus because he wore a mask once or twice.

Are mandatory masks laws an infringement on your civil rights? Yes. However, I am willing to give up some rights for the betterment of society. We are a team and if wearing a mask protects you, then I am all for it.

After suffering a stroke a few years ago I was told I could not drive. Is that a violation of my rights? Yep. But guess what? I stopped driving because I did not want to black out and plow into your car and harm you or your family members.

I cannot believe how this story has come full circle.

Did I tell you that the guy that ripped me for wearing a mask caught Covid-19?



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