Should we send the son off to college during Covid-19?

A big family meeting is planned this weekend.

This is when we decide whether to send our son Brandon to Michigan State University for his freshman year to live in the dorms and experience as much of the college experience as he can during a pandemic. Or do we let him stay home and take online classes at Oakland Community College.

Or I suppose he could take online class from MSU at home.

Decisions. Decisions. Decisions.

A Tuesday deadline looms.

Families across the nation are pondering the same decision.

What’s the point of paying extra money for online classes?

How many in person classes does it take to make it worth while for him to leave the house?

I’ve gone back and forth on this. A few weeks ago I wanted to enroll him at OCC because the college experience at MSU appeared to be shot. Let’s face facts, he wants to attend MSU because his cousins go there and he wants to attend Spartan football games and scream in the Izzone.

If none of that is on the table what’s the point?

I also want him to remain healthy and not bring the disease into the house.

Now I think it is time for Brandon to be a man and be somewhat on his own. My freshman year at Central Michigan University was an outright blast. Maybe we had too much fun. The rumor is seven girls on our floor got pregnant (none by me) and I cannot tell you how many times I sat up with a tearful student who was fearful of flunking out of school after one semester.

Brandon wants out of the house, although he says he still likes it around here. His 18 year prison term should be coming to an end. The only time he should come to the house again is as a visitor. I loved my people growing up in Detroit at age 18, but I could not wait to get out of the house. Once I got a taste of life off Vancouver Street I never wanted to go back.

At some point we must let go of our chicks and let them fend for themselves.

He is going through orientation now and we are gathering facts and stats. We will put it all together. Put our heads together and make a decision.

I’ve spoken to some of my teacher friends who believe the college experience will be a petri dish and a good percentage of kids will catch Covid and bring it home. There is no such thing as social distancing in college. A mask turns into a single piece of toilet paper because there are so many germs.

Besides college kids kiss, hold hands, drink and yell. They go to bars and unleash their primal selves for the first time.

Will Brandon get Covid-19? I don’t know.

We will meet this weekend and make an informed decision.

And if he goes to Michigan State, we will keep our fingers crossed.

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