Let’s make today Jam Sam Goodness Day

Samuelson-e1596445830433Today I will only share good thoughts with you, whether you visit my blog or my rants on Twitter and Face book. That is to honor Bob Wojnowski and the late and great Jamie Samuelsen who both want a world of good will and great joy.

I am motivated by the final line of Wojo’s final line in his Detroit News tribute column to Jamie.

“I take solice in knowing now that the pain and awfulness are gone, there is only goodness left behind.”

Let’s make today Jam Sam Goodness Day.

We should do this every day, but let’s use this moment and this day to say good things about people we know and love. Let’s move forward with that goodness that’s left behind.

I go first.

Rob Parker: You were around when I was down. That meant so much to me and helped in my recovery. Friends abandoned me when I got sick. I was not as much fun and not as sharp. You took me as I came.

Isiah Thomas: You pushed for me to be in the Bad Boys 30 for 30 documentary which is one of the shining moments of my career. You also shared with me important information about pro athletes that I share with young journalists.

Dan Leach: Your enthusiasm and genuine kindness is uncanny.  You are just a good dude.

Bob Wojnowski: Let’s get back to appetizer and gin and tonic Fridays.

Scott “The Gator” Anderson: The best hair in radio. Can I have some?

Maz: Love your banter.

Jimmy King: This dude is smart, funny and his talents need to surface.

Rico Beard: Welcome to the big time. You will love it.

Mike Sullivan: One of the finest producers I know. Good luck in your future endeavors.

Mike Valenti: I had a front row seat to the masterful way you spun topics.

Jeff Riger: They say you sound like Kermit the Frog. I say you sound like Patrick Mahomes.

Detroit Pistons: The base for my career.

Detroit Lions: The best story in Detroit.

Detroit Red Wings: What a joy ride we had.

Detroit Tigers: Glad you still play outdoors.

Grand Rapids Press: The beginning of my career.

Central Michigan University: Without you I have no career.

Mike and Leanne Smith, Gretchen Flemming, Sheila Hannibal Hayes: I still love my partners in crime at CMU.

Vince Ellis: If I want to day drink in Detroit you know who I’m calling.

Jim Spadafore: The king of the notebook.

Phil Laciura: Thanks for believing in me.

David Hull: My favorite member of the Black Caucus.

Joanna Tuttle: When does your show become the Ghello and Jo Show on 105.1?

DK Broiler: When is the next movie night?

Melissa Borden: Where does that big heart come from?

My family: Thank you for loving the new me.

Former listeners and readers: You pushed me and made me better.

Jamie Samuelsen: Yes sir. You made an impact. You still do.

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