Freedom of speech is being destroyed

jamesI probably won’t vote for John James during his Senate bid against Michigan Democrat Gary Peters. However, I respect people’s rights to vote for James, Haley Stevens or any of the politicians people support.

I bring this up because one of my neighbors supports James enough to put one of his political lawn signs in their front yard. However, somebody tried to destroy the sign the other day. They smashed the sign and threw it in the street where cars were allowed to run over it.

Welcome to the new America where we not only fight over politics but want to destroy people’s views and drown them out. We live in a society where we are all for freedom of speech just as long as you agree with my view.

If you don’t let’s trample, destroy and shout out your view of things.

I suppose if we are mean enough and angry enough then we can get people to change their minds about an issue or a person. It usually doesn’t work that way. It is possible to have good discussions by listening to others. We might not change somebody’s mind, but we can at least educate why we think differently.

That does happen sometimes in this new America. But we mostly fight each other, spit on each other and try to destroy.

I do not like this new America.

We often distort and misrepresent those who disagree with us rather than push our own agendas.

Now I am going to get myself in trouble with some and be praised by others.

I do believe the best way to push more equality for blacks is through more jobs, better schools and an influx of economic growth in the black community. I believe sending in Federal troops to Detroit is a mistake. And I do not agree with those who want to defund the police.

I believe the Black Lives Movement is important. I applaud athletes who peacefully protest racial injustice before games and during their off time. I did have a problem with civil rights group Detroit Will Breathe who said video where we clearly saw a suspect aiming a gun at a police officer was edited.

In other words don’t believe your lying eyes.

The group criticized the killings of suspects who fired guns at police. I do have a problem with police too often murdering unarmed suspects. But when you aim a weapon at police all bets are off.

Those opinions are mine and I have the right to say them, just as the neighbor has the right to place a John James sign in their front yard without it being destroyed.


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