Calming the savage beast

pitbullThe pit bull came out of nowhere.

He growled as he roared from a front yard during one of my daily walks. I knew he was going to tear into my legs and try to knock me to the ground. I stopped walking, remained calm, and lowered my hand.

“How ya doing today buddy boy,” I said to the dog. “I guess you were not expecting me today.”

The dog growled once more, calmed down, and took a sniff of my hand. Then he trotted back to his back yard. No bites. No mauling. No bleeding. The dog looked at me suspiciously but he did not come after me again.

I don’t know if this is the proper way to handle a charging dog. But it worked for me. As a precaution I shall avoid that street.

A few years ago I would have panicked. But my pal Melissa, who runs the Devoted Barn, said pit bulls get a bad rap. The dog is not mean and vicious by nature. Owners turns dogs into sharks on wheels.

A few days later I ventured down another unfamiliar street. A female dog came charging at me. Again I stopped walking, put my hand down and said softly: “What’s wrong pretty girl?”

She stopped and walked with me for a few yards and retreated to her house. I am probably closer to being lucky than finding the magic elixir to calming a mad dog. My tactic would not work growing up in my old neighborhood.

Many people that owner pit bulls, Doberman’s and German Shepherds bred those dogs to fight other dogs. I saw a number of mauling’s. I felt sorry for the dogs. They would come after you with a half tail or mangled nose from these fights that I often heard coming from the alley or a garage.

One time a guy let his dog loose on someone and the dog was shot and killed. The final shout from that dog could be heard across the neighborhood.

This is a round about way of saying that I want a dog. I don’t want a dog to protect the house. I don’t want it to show what a bad ass I am with protection. I simply want a dog who will be my best pal and be excited to see me when I return home from one of my walks.


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