Happy International Left Handers Day

mickey-lolich-1969-detroit-tigers-uniformsI am a lefty. Sort of.

I bat and golf left-handed. Sometimes I eat with my left hand.

Today is International lefty day and I celebrate all of you who hear the annoying chants of “Hooker” or “Hook” when you step up to the plate in softball. Lefties are not the norm, which makes it more fun.

Only 10 percent of the population are left-handed.

My favorite lefty remains former Detroit Tigers pitcher Mickey Lolich who won three games during the 1968 World Series. In an epic Game 7 showdown with famed St. Louis pitcher Bob Gibson Lolich was supposed to start and pitch a few innings before giving way to the bull pen. But manager Mayo Smith kept telling him to go out for one more inning until the ninth inning when the Tigers wrapped up a 4-1 victory.

Your best lineman in football is the left tackle who protects the quarterbacks blind side. Teams rarely shift their best lineman to right tackle to protect a lefties blindside. I don’t get it. Does that mean a left-handed quarterback is not as valuable?

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Steve Young was a lefty as was former Lions quarterback Scott Mitchell, probably the most hated quarterback in team history.

Only 10 percent of the population are left handed. But prior to Donald Trump, five of the last eight Presidents of the United States were left-handed, including Barack Obama, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton?

I discovered I was a left hander by accident. My early baseball coaches sent me up to the plate as a right hander. I kept hitting weak ground balls or striking out.

One day my neighbor was trying to diagnose my swing in the backyard.

“Here let’s try this,” he said.

He moved me to the left-handed batters box and I began to smash the ball with authority.

Happy International Left Handers Day. We may not be right, but we are all right.




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