Chadwick Boseman death brings tears to our home

I woke up the sound of sobs the other night and brushed it off as 2020 biting us in the ass again.

I was right. The sobs came from my daughter Celine’s bedroom as she mourned the death of actor Chadwick Boseman. Down goes the Black Panther and that was terrible news in our household.

A few minutes later I peeked into my girl’s bedroom and lectured her about the importance of getting a Colonoscopy to check for Colon cancer. That’s what Boseman died of at the tender age of 43. A few weeks ago our pal Jamie Samuelsen died at age 48 of the same vicious disease.

Doctors recommended that we begin Colonoscopy checkups at age 50. But something is happening in our country and now we are told to begin checkups at age 45 by the American Cancer Society. I don’t know if it is diet or lifestyle. About 10 percent of people who die from colon cancer die in their 40’s. I told Celine to get tested when she turns 45. I will tell my son Brandon the same.

I’ve had two in my life time and both test came up negative. My doctor said he sniped a couple tiny polyps and sent me on my way. The medical community recommends follow up treatment every 10 years. I’ve been put on the five year plan and I’m OK with that.

Colon cancer is vicious, random and deadly. We’ve already lost The Black Panther and Jam Sam 22. I don’t want to add you to the list.

Black Panther remains one of my favorite movies and Boseman gave an all-time great performance. He also played Jackie Robinson, Thurgood Marshall and James Brown.

However, if you want to shed tears over Chadwick Boseman one more time, do a search on his appearance on Saturday Night Lives Black Jeopardy. He brought me to tears because I laughed so hard.

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