Planet Fitness opens today. I won’t be there

My walking path around Union Lake was thick with foot traffic on the last nice summer day of the season.

Two couples from the neighborhood negotiated the 6.5 mile round trip circuit. I ran into parents whose daughter played soccer at West Bloomfield High. I talked to the pretty blonde with the cute tiny dog along with the three friends who walk around the lake at least three times a week.

And there was one more group of people I had conversations with. They were the five people I saw who went to my Planet Fitness each weekday morning to work out. Our gym opens today, but none of us will be there out of fear for catching Covid-19.

My muscle definition isn’t the same since I stopped going to the gym, but I’ve lost 11 pounds staying at home.

We are glad to have the option of going. I am glad that gym owners can make money again. I am just not comfortable with the heavy breathing and sweating just yet.

“You know you will not be going back,” said my wife, who I call the female Dr. Fauci and studies Covid like she is trying to earn a Masters degree in the pandemic.

Patrons must wear masks during their workouts. There will be social distancing and the gyms will operate at 25 percent capacity.

One of my gym rats Tracy said she won’t be there today, but she is going to spend the next two weeks getting reports from people who do go. If after two weeks they report no outbreaks of the Rona she might begin work outs again. If there are problems, she will continue walks around Union Lake until the winter chill forces her inside.

That sounds like a solid game plan. On Tuesday the Michigan Department of Health and Human services reported 441 new cases of Covid and one death. The numbers appear to be going down, but we are receiving spikes among college students after they began gathering for the first time. Will the same happen in gyms across the state as they re open?

I belong to two gyms. The West Bloomfield Power House was among a handful of gyms that opened against state rules. They were told to close, but opted to take the $500 fine and remain open. I miss Power House because of my Tuesday and Thursday body pump classes that use weight training to build muscle and cardio through a series of exercises set to upbeat music.

I miss my gang of friendly faces at Planet Fitness. I want to go back desperately, but I will await Tracy’s two week report before I do.

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