Chief fans: Just catch that football black boys and shut up

The beginning of the NFL season got off to a disappointing start when many Kansas City Chief fans booed players during their show of unity prior to Thursday nights 34-20 KC victory over the Houston Texans.

Fans booed when Chief and Texan players locked arms on the field after the anthem to show solidarity and bring attention to social injustice in this country. So what was the problem this time?

We’ve been told that America does not like protests during the national anthem. It believes players are disrespecting the flag and somehow the troops. OK. So players waited until after the anthem to send a message that all is not right in this country. And they still caught grief.

Maybe its a good thing the Detroit Lions home opener against the Chicago Bears will be played without fans.

“The booing was unfortunate,” Houston defensive end J.J. Watt said. “I don’t understand that. There was no flag involved, nothing other than two teams coming together to show unity.”

The boos sent a strong message. Shut up black boys and play for me. Shut up black boys and entertain me. Shut up black boys and do what I want. Shut up black boys we don’t care about your grievances. Shut up black boys we don’t care that your friends and family have not achieved the American dream. Shut up black boys we don’t care that your family and friends fear the police and do not embrace them.

Bring us a hot dog, some popcorn and a beer. Then shut the bleep up black boys.

“I thought that was a nice thing to do. I don’t know why they would boo that,” Texans coach Bill O’Brien told reporters after the game.

The boos came on a night when the Chiefs celebrated bringing these people their first Super Bowl championship in 50 years. They came on a night when the Chiefs made another strong statement that they might do it again.

Once again I will say this: Black lives don’t matter. Our issues don’t matter to many people. Our dream of making America equal for all do not matter.

Here is what Chief fans told us. We are OK with you if you can catch a football, run, dance, shuffle and entertain us. But we don’t want to hear about your pain. We don’t want to hear that you are grieving or scared.

We don’t want to hear that America is not perfect. This does not affect us.

“We’re not going to let playing football distract us from what we’re doing, and making change in this world,” Kannsas City quarterback Patrick Mahomes said.

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3 thoughts on “Chief fans: Just catch that football black boys and shut up

  1. Terry,
    I am sorry that happened. It is so not fair. I was pleased with the peacefulness and respectfulness and did NOT understand the negative reaction💔💔. Please, please, please acknowledge that reaction is not the reaction of everyone at all. There are many people who don’t appreciate it, nor do they want to be painted with that generalization…which is sure what I hear you saying. Again, Terry, I am sorry…sorry for all the injustice..sorry for people that are all kinds of blind..but yet somehow still see color. I pray you are doing well❤️❤️❤️

  2. Terry, unlike Cindi, I’m am far from sorry. In fact I’m an angry Kansas Citian who is very tired of semi-retired abused (by overworking employers) hacks like you who rush to get out the FIRST STORY without doing any research from FIRST HAND SOURCES to get the REAL STORY. If you truly want the story I have a video from a women who was there and explains how the “Booing” was from the Texans coming on the field AND no annuncement was given of a “unity” event happening. If you listen you can feel the confusion and inconsistancy of the reactions. AND finally they CHEERED when they understood WHAT WAS GOING ON.NOW…. do you have the intestinal fortitude to retract youir statement OR even attempt to write the REAL STORY ?? Probably not…. the truth is too boring and DOESN’T SELL like the drama of a “made up ” one. Here’s my FB page where you can find the TRUTH….. if that’s even something you guys look for anymore.

    1. I will not retract my statement because I think you are bringing a distorted view to the table. The woman who was there is wrong. The Texans were already on the field. There was a statement from the public address announcer who said players are going to demonstrate a moment of racial equality. That’s when the boos start. Yes, there was some clapping at the end. But the damage was done. I talked to people at the game. They also said your view is slanted and distorted. I stand by my words, because they are the truth of what happened.

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