Sipping the Lions Kool Aide

The old man has still got it.

Or so I thought as a pretty woman stared me down during a quick meal and peak of games at Champps Kitchen and Bar. I had never met her. So I figured she saw a handsome old man and was checking me out.

A few minutes a man approached.

“Do you see that woman,” he said while pointing to my admirer. “That’s my girlfriend and she hates you.”

Wow. How can a total stranger hate me? I’m not that bad of a human being.

“She reads you in the paper,” the man said. “She thinks you are too rough on the Lions. She wants to know if she can come over and talk to you?”

I agreed to the meeting and this woman shot over to my seat like she heard “come on down” on the Price is Right game. She’d waited years to run into me or Drew Sharp or a number of “negative” media members.

She loved the Lions. She drank the Honolulu blue Lions Kool Aide and loved her Lions corn bread with extra butter. She didn’t raise her voice. I would not call her a bitch. But she had years of frustration she needed to get off her chest.

She promised good times were near. She promised a great season. The Lions would go on and finish below .500 that season and missed the playoffs again. The Lions begin the 2020 season today against the Chicago Bears at Ford Field and I am sure this woman, like many Lions fans, have high hopes.

“If you wrote more positive stories players would read it and play better,” she said.

This woman represents the poor Lions fans who always believe prosperity is right around the corner. And I always ask why do you believe this? Most years the Lions are a bad organization, under bad management, who strike out during the draft.

The Ford family still does not know how to win and have such low expectations. I thought Martha Ford would be different as an owner. But she was not. I was so disappointed when she said her expectations for Bob Quinn and Matt Patricia was to be in playoff contention in December. Then you equate that as a must win edict?

No it wasn’t. It was a return to mediocrity edict. You do know that you can be 5-7 or 6-6 in December and be in playoff contention. That edict was milk toast and typical Lions.

Barry Sanders and Calvin Johnson walked away with plenty left in the tank because they knew they could not win here. I am not asking you to walk away. This is your team. This is your love.

But don’t have such high expectations and such low demands of this team and think things will change. Making the playoffs now and then does nothing for me. If the Lions win a playoff game — something they have not done since 1991 — I promise to be nice.

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  1. I’m chuckling as I read this cause I use to think some of the same things. I totally am with you now however.

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