No cheering in the press box still applies in retirement

What do you do now when you are watching a Tigers or Lions game with your friends and the home team does something well?

Do you hug now during Covid-19 like you used to? Do you dish out high fives like you used to? Or do you do something else?

We are supposed to social distance to help flatten the curve. But it is difficult to ask sports fans to remain apart when they are watching a game they care about.

Do not ask me to give you a hug when the Lions score a touchdown. I won’t do it and it has nothing to do with Covid-19. Do not throw your hand in the air waiting for a high five for me if the Lions score a touchdown. I think high fives are stupid. I won’t do it but once again this has nothing to do with Covid-19.

Once upon a time I was a sports writer in this town and our edict of not cheering in the press box remains strong in my retirement. I tell people my job was to record history, not root for it.

I go to games with friends and sit there like a bump on a log no matter what happens. They sometimes look at me as if I am a visitor from Mars.

“Give me something,” they say inside. “Show me that you care.”

I don’t. I never get nervous before games because I don’t care enough to make myself nervous. I simply want to appreciate the athletic prowess on the field and may the best team win.

It’s a tough way to go through life.

I’d sit in the Lions press box next to Drew Sharp as a team official reminded us there is no cheering in the press box. And sometimes me or Boodini would shout.

“Is laughing allowed?”

We’d laugh like a couple drunken hyenas at our stupid joke.

Do not become another me because of the pandemic. Enjoy your games. Wear a mask while with your buddies and you should be OK.

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I am a 58 year old retired sports journalist, husband and father of two living outside of Detroit in search of his next big adventure in life.

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