Shameful Lions need a house cleaning

During his final years with The Detroit Lions I often stopped by the dressing stall of defensive end Robert Porcher to talk.

We did not talk football. We talked escape. Porcher is one of the best defensive players in Lions history. He is the team’s all-time leader in sacks (95.5) and made three Pro Bowls.

He jumped offsides a few times too many, but for the most part was a hard worker and a menace on the field.

I respected his game and respected his brilliance as a person. He deserved to play for something. Play for a championship, a division title. Win another playoff game.

Porcher used to get agitated with me when I told him the Lions reminded me of the Bill Murray movie “Groundhog Day.” The same stuff kept happening over and over again.

During the twilight of his career this man deserved to play for something. It was not going to happen here because he was stuck on the set of “Groundhog Day.”

But Porcher loved it here. He proudly played for the Lions, became a big shot in the community and laid the foundation for business interests in Detroit. He did not like my Groundhog Day reference because he loved the Lions and believed in the team.

One day Porcher motioned me over to his dressing stall. The Lions were stuck in another losing streak and the man looked beaten.

“You are right,” an exhasperated Porcher said. “It is Groundhog Day around here.”

Sadly, I must welcome you to the set of Groundhog Day II. The set has moved from the Pontiac Silverdome to Ford Field. And the new lead actor is quarterback Matthew Stafford. It is time for him to leave and seek greener pastures before its too late to get assets for him.

The Lions lost their 11th game in a row during a 42-21 meltdown in Green Bay on Sunday and have dropped 14 of 15 games. It doesn’t matter if Stafford plays or patrols the sidelines with a bad back, the Lions lose.

This team needs a enema or at least a few U-Haul trucks. It’s time to ship Stafford off to greener pastures. And during this election year the Lions should hope at the end of the year they are in a position to pull the lever for Trevor and draft Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence.

Maybe the brass Lawrence provides a shot in the arm to a sluggish franchise. Maybe the Lions can acquire more cap relief by removing Stafford’s salary from the books. I know what some of you are saying. You don’t win with a rookie quarterback. The Lions obviously don’t win with a veteran quarterback either.

Stafford deserves to play for something. If he played for any other team he’d have multiple playoff wins. He has zero with the Lions and it looks like it will stay that way.

And isn’t it time to pull the plug on coach Matt Patricia? Matt Millen posted an NFL record low .270 win percentage for a general manager during eight dismal seasons. Patricia’s .279 win percentage isn’t much better.

Remember folks. 9-7 is not good enough. If that’s the case then 9-24-1 should get you run out of town with the woman from Game of Thrones ringing her bell chanting “Shame. Shame. Shame.”

Predictably players said Patricia is not the problem. Players always say the coach is not the problem when approached for on the record comments from the media. They are just trying to not rock the boat and put up a supportive public front.

Certainly, they must know that change is needed and change is demanded.

If they don’t realize that privately, then shame, shame, shame.

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