A broken down system killed Breonna Taylor

I remained outraged that Breonna Taylor was killed by Louisville police. However, it is not as cut and dry as who to direct that anger toward.

The easy answer is the Louisville Police Department. That is why protesters have over run the streets in Louisville, New York, Los Angeles, Detroit and other cities. But should some of my anger should be directed at Taylor’s boyfriend Kenneth Walker who fired the first shot striking Sgt. Johnathan Mattingly in the leg. Walker believed Taylor’s apartment was being broken into by thieves. Police then had the right to fire back.

Their mistake was blindly firing into an apartment. Bullets struck other tenant’s apartments and five bullets hit Taylor, killing her within five minutes of the first bullet fired by Walker.

Perhaps my anger should be directed at Judge Mary Shaw who signed the no-knock warrant, a directive that has since been outlawed in Louisville and can no longer be served in the city and may be outlawed in the entire state of Kentucky.

Even before the warrant police believed Taylor’s apartment to be a soft target and did not believe drugs would be found. So why was this apartment even targeted with a no-knock warrant by plain clothes officers after midnight?

Why did detective Joshua Jaynes insist on obtaining a warrant? Perhaps we should be angry at him.

Much of our anger was fueled by misinformation and speculation. For instance we were told that Breonna Taylor was killed while asleep in her bedroom. That is not true. She was standing next to Walker.

We were told that Taylor was involved with drugs and that Walker was a drug dealer. That is also not true.

We were also told that Taylor’s ex boyfriend, who was the real target of police, had been arrested hours earlier. That appears not to be true. According to police record he was arrested minutes prior to Taylor’s death during a subsequent raid.

Here’s what we don’t know. Did police announce themselves as police officers before pounding down the door? Did Walker fire at them before or after they caved the front door in?

Police and one witness said they identified themselves as police. Walker said he did not hear the police say that. Several other witnesses said they believe police did not identify themselves.

Let me put you in that situation. You are chilling, half sleep while watching a movie after midnight. Your front door explodes with loud pounding. What do you do?

We were also told that the police were at the wrong apartment. Wrong again. The warrant had Taylor’s name on it, her street address and apartment number. The door that police broke down was photographed as a target.

In conclusion, Breonna Taylor should be alive today. That angers me. Who is to blame? That is the question.

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2 thoughts on “A broken down system killed Breonna Taylor

  1. The statement “Breonna Taylor should be alive today” demonstrates a lack of trust and or understanding of the sovereignty of God. If God wanted her alive, she would be alive today and there would be nothing anyone on this earth could do about it. He chose to for her to die on that day and in that situation. The question is, what do we do with it. What is God teaching us with by her death? One thing is for sure, anger and violence are not what He is trying to teach us, our nature is already well versed in those things.

    1. I really dislike the if it wasn’t meant to happen God would not allow it to happen argument. People used this argument to support slavery. They use it to excuse many of the evil that happens in life. Then I can use this argument. The riots and looting are fine also. If it wasn’t then God would not allow it. I still say Breonna Taylor should be alive. God did not kill her. Man did.

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