$500 is too damn much for a pair of basketball shoes

Tears filled my eyes as I tried to convince grand mom that I needed a pair of Chuck Taylor basketball shoes to enhance my grade school game.

I was 12 years old and a victim of inflation. The price of Chucks went up from $11.95 to $12.95 and grand ma said that was “too damn much money” to pay for a pair of basketball shoes. It was PF Flyers for me.

Today we received a charge of $521 for one damn pair of gym shoes. Now I know how grand mom felt that day. That is too damn much money to pay for a pair of shoes. The charge came from an online basketball shoe outlet in California and the wife and I are launching a full investigation with my daughter Celine and son Brandon before cutting up my credit card.

Brandon is our main target, but denies the charges. We allow him to get two pair of shoes a year and they are rarely below $200. That’s too damn much money to pay for a pair of basketball shoes, but I go along with it.

Celine does not care about high price sneakers. She is an Adidas girl and her purchases are always between $45-$60 when we spring for her shoes.

Pardon me for allowing old guy to take over. But who in their right mind spends $521 for a pair of shoes? And what kind of shoes are they?

When I was younger I wanted the most expensive, brightest basketball shoes I could find. Then I got a job and the money came out of my bank account. That is when I implemented my $100 rule. No pair of sneakers would cost more than 100 bucks.

Believe it or not it is still possible to do. I scouted out new walking shoes the other day at Dick’s Sporting Goods for $79. I broke that $100 rule once. And I felt swindled and betrayed.

I saw an orange pair of Nikes for $89 at Dick’s, grabbed them and walked toward the counter. Before getting to the counter I saw the same pair of shoes in white with a cool pattern on the bottom. The woman rang them up for $119 at the counter, but I didn’t say anything.

I’d circle back to the shoe department and tell her she made a mistake. But I went back to the shoe department and it was clear as day. The orange Nikes were $79 and the whites with the cool patterned sole $119. I felt violated but kept the shoes. I still wear them today for my walks around Union Lake.

If you want to see my cool $30 pattern ,just ask and I will show you the bottom of my shoes.

A few years ago I stopped in the Prada men’s shoe store in New York City before covering a Pistons-Knicks game. I fell in love with a pair of brown dress shoes. I loved the design, the rich thick leather. I even loved the thick shoe strings.

I even convinced myself to spend $200 for them.

One problem though. These puppies cost $800.

I tried them on, glanced in the mirrors, and thought I looked kind of fly. I usually don’t like dress shoes because they hurt my feet. However, my feet felt like they were wrapped in love with these shoes.

I could not pull the trigger. Those shoes stayed in the Prada men’s shoe store. And if one of my kids spent $521 on a pair of gym shoes, they are going back too. Or maybe I could start a Go Fund Me page. Or better yet, dispute the charges and cut up my credit card.

It better not be one of my kids. Or they are out of the will.

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