Treat the battle to good health like a sporting event

I can tell when I am having a good check up with the doctor. In addition to asking what I’ve been eating and drinking my doctor and I talk about our children, Big Ten football, Covid-19 precautions and yes the dreaded Detroit Lions.

Thursday was a good day during my check up. We chatted for about 15 minutes about good stuff, about fun stuff. I am a man that ignored my health for years because of a very busy life style. I thought I was invincible. I paid a heavy price by having a stroke four years ago.

Today, people often ask me how I’m doing. I feel good, not great. But I will take that considering the alternative. About 25 percent of stroke victims are unable to lead a normal life. Thankfully I am not one of them and I plan to dance at my daughter’s wedding.

I am not a health expert, but I come with advice any way. Treat your health like you are a football coach that only plays games once or twice a year. Your games are the regular checkups with your doctor. You want to win every game. Or as many as possible.

If you post ugly numbers do not worry about it. Work hard to improve those numbers. Find out what numbers are important to you for continued good health. And win that next game. Win one for the Gipper. And keep winning until you get a nice winning streak.

The numbers I watch out for are blood pressure and A1C sugar count.

My winning numbers for blood pressure are 130-140 over 80. Doctors want a little more blood flow going through my brain because of the stroke. My numbers were 131-78. My winning numbers for my A1C are below 6.0.

If you post a 6.0 you are considered a type 2 diabetic. Back in the day my losing numbers hit 10.8. We didn’t talk sports or life that day. I got a well deserved scolding. Now my last A1C was 5.2. After my bad reading doctors gave me a silly little cartoon of a bald headed man (I can relate) driving through the countryside shopping for fruits and vegetables.

The caption read: “You are in the drivers seat to good health.” That’s when I decided to turn my health into an athletic team. I controlled my blood pressure and could win or lose that battle. I controlled whether I was going to be diabetic. I could win or lose that battle. I controlled whether that four month slump of checking in and out of hospitals would be a temporary setback or a way of life. I am winning that battle for the most part. I did go to the hospital two years ago after tripping over something in Austin, Tx. and watching my left arm turn beet red and swell up like Popeye the Sailor man.

It was a setback, but my doctor joked about it, telling me to stop being a klutz.

People often ask me if I eat treats. I do. I am going to celebrate my latest victory with Mexican food this weekend and maybe a Sangria or Margarita. I will have a pecan braid from Panera which is one of my favorite desserts.

I will celebrate my win and then get back to business. The outdoor grill will sizzle from the juices of salmon, along with chicken thighs and breasts. I will be a good boy and eat my fruit and vegetables and drink plenty of water. I plan on reaching my daily goal of 15,000 steps. I hit 16,782 on Thursday.

We are in this game of life together. If you know of somebody who has struggled with good health or have weight issues tell them they are looking good or doing a good job if you see weight loss or a different look about them. Encouragement goes a long way. It is sort of like attending a sporting event and cheering.

It makes us feel better and motivates us to do better if somebody else notices that we are winning this battle to good health. I received plenty words of encouragement after losing 46 pounds.

Your words brought a smile to my face. Now let’s do this for others.

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