Matt Patricia is Matt Millen revisited and deserves to be fired

Does the Ford family care about your anger and angst toward the Detroit Lions?

Are the Fords paying attention to your apathy toward another failed product on the field?

Detroit Lions head coach Matt Patricia listens to a reporters question after an NFL football game against the New York Jets in Detroit, Monday, Sept. 10, 2018. The Jets won 48-17. (AP Photo/Jose Juarez)

If the answers to those questions are no, then coach Matt Patricia and general manager Bob Quinn will remain here for the rest of the season and possibly return for 2021. If the Fords are listening to you, respect you and feel your pain then they will use this bye week to clean house and bring in a new regime to try to review Lions football, something they’ve failed to do for more than six decades.

Even the soft Detroit media perked up this week, questioning if Patricia should keep his job. Finally. Yes, both men should go. In the immortal words of former Lions coach Darryl Rogers “What’s a guy have to do to get fired around here?”

Do you want to go through another Matt Millen cycle? Well that’s exactly what the Lions are doing under Patricia. Their win percentages (.272 for Patricia and .270 under Millen) are very similar.

At least one fan is totally fed up. Anthony Paulis of Greenfield, Wisconsin, which is south of Milwaukee, launched “” over the weekend. He wanted to put it up a week earlier, but delayed it after the Lions (1-3) won their first game of the season against the Arizona Cardinals.

Paulis became a Lions fan because of Hall of Fame running back Barry Sanders and gladly made the nearly six hour drive for games. Now he refuses to purchase anything Lions related until they clean house.

After watching his team get dominated for much of Sunday’s 35-29 loss to the New Orleans Saints at Ford Field the former season ticket holder had enough of Quinntricia. His Lions have lost 12 of 13 games and Patricia’s .292 win percentage is dangerously close to Rod Marinelli’s who endured a winless 16 game season and Matt Millen who had a .270 win percentage before finally being fired during an 0-16 season.

If Sheila Ford Hemp fires Patricia a few will argue that she pulled the trigger too soon, that the man deserves more than four games during the 2020 season. Actually, Patricia has had 36 games and is just 10-25-1 after taking over a nine win team. Remember. 9-7 is not good enough.

Since Patricia took over tell me one thing the Lions are better at then when he took over.

I can only think of one thing. They are better at coughing up double digit leads. Is the defense better? No. Is the running game better? No. Is quarterback Matthew Stafford better? No. Has your confidence grown since he took over? I dare say the answer to that is no also.

“They (the Saints) played extremely well and we’ve got a lot of work to do,” Patricia said. “Certainly, I think when I came to Detroit there was a lot of work to do, and that’s what we’re trying to do.”

Do not pay attention to players who say Patricia is the right man for the job. Every player in every walk of life says that when their head guy is on the hot seat.

Younger Lion fans believe the Fords have a history of firing people too soon. That’s not true. William Clay Ford hung onto general manager Russ Thomas for 22 years despite Thomas ticking off players by being cheap in negotiations and failing to win a playoff game.

In 2005 Ford ignore fans growing unrest about the pathetic regime of President Matt Millen and gave the man an extension, igniting fans to wear orange at Lions games and initiate the Millen Man March. His .270 win percentage is the worse in franchise history. The fans were fed up after four years, but Ford decided to give him another five years because the front office was better organized.

I foolishly believed his wife Martha Firestone Ford would be different. But when she decided to keep Quinn and Patricia this season and only demanded that they be in playoff contention in December to keep their jobs that was proof enough that the Fords are not serious about winning.

“I feel this franchise is out of touch with its fans and just expects them to keep filling seats,” said Paulis who is a member of a Lions fan club based out of Milwaukee that used to seat 50 fans at local sports bars before Covid.

Paulis bled Honolulu blue and silver, but he became more of a skeptic in 2013 when the Lions thumped the Green Bay Packers 40-10 at Ford Field to go 7-5. But they lost their final four games to miss the playoffs.

The Lions have not sniffed the play offs in three seasons under Patricia and seem to be getting worse. Players don’t seem to play as hard for him as they did under Jim Caldwell. Darius Slay could not wait to get out of here and Quandre Diggs took his digs at the organization on his way out.

“I have zero confidence in this coaching staff and front office,” Paulis said. “The fans of the Detroit Lions deserve better. I am tired of bad football.”

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