My new Fit Bit adds a bit of daily fitness motivation

Today marks the one week anniversary of my new toy — the Fit Bit

My daily walks haven’t been the same. Now I care now about the number of steps I take, how many miles I walk and how many flight of stairs I navigate. I even care about my heart rate, something I never thought about when exercising.

The Fit Bit adds an element of fun, in addition to information. Now I never want to skip my daily walks, although I plan to keep taking Sunday’s off. It is a thrill when the thing buzzes on your arm, which signifies your 10,000th step, which should be our daily goal.

I’ve reached that goal every day during my one week anniversary week. My low day was 10,401 steps and the high day was 17,951 steps or 8.23 miles. This week I plan on my first 20,000 step day. Does it buzz for that also? I will let you know.

So how did the Fit Bit become a bit of my life? Blame my wife Abs. She wanted one for her birthday so I bought her one. She was having so much fun counting her steps I could not allow her to be the only one getting joy out of this thing.

I wanted one too. But I was going to hold off. One day a package arrived on my front porch with my name on it. Guess what was inside. Yep, you guessed right. A Fit Bit from Abs.

My life changed. I’ve took an average of 13,601 steps a day. And I want to increase that to 15,000 a day before the winter cold sets in.

Now I want to bring you some bad news. Walking does not help you lose weight. It helps you get healthier. So walking has great benefits. You still must eat right if the goal is to shed pounds.

The saying I’ve learned the past few years is “You get skinny in the kitchen and fit in the gym.” It’s true. I once gained eight pounds in a month while playing full court basketball every day. And I lost 20 pounds one month by sitting on my ass and being super diligent about my eating habits.

Unless you are willing to have long grueling work outs (which I’m not) you cannot out work bad eating habits. So those extra 50 steps you might take at night to sneak chips and ice cream do not help in losing weight.

If you are struggling to find the motivation to exercise the Fit Bit or Apple Watch might help. Any thing that gets us off are asses are worth it.

See you on the pathway. Do not be offended if I don’t say hello right away. In addition to the Fit Bit I have music blasting in my ear with my buds.

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