Hey Twitter Trumpers stop calling me stupid

Dear Twitter Trumpers,

Please stop calling black males stupid, especially this black man. It is racist and offensive. I am not stupid. I have a mind of my own. I am not influenced by CNN. I simply have a different opinion than yours. I would like to see the country run differently than you.

It does not make any of us stupid. It makes us different. How dare you call me stupid because I do not believe in many of the things Donald J. Trump stands for.

Our opinions are shaped by a lot of factors. It is based on our race, our religion, where we grew up, who we grew up with and who we grew up around. It is based on what we see in every day life. We process all of that and it shapes who we are and what we believe.

For instance, many of you that have not been touched by Covid-19 tell me it is all a hoax. I know that not to be true. I know about a dozen or so people who were deathly ill from the virus. Between the wife and I we know of 11 people who have died. The virus was so bad in Detroit that a friend of ours called a funeral home director she knew asking for favoritism to get a funeral spot for her mother who died of Covid. That’s my experience.

Why can’t you respect that? Why do you see the need to change me? I don’t tell you how to think. I tell you what I think.

I let is slide when you first called me stupid. I figured it was one or two people who were frustrated and having a bad day. Then it continued and I became angry. And I may have told one of two of you to kiss my ass.

Here is why it bothered me. Black people were called stupid from the beginning of time. And perception became reality. The stigma prevented us from getting jobs, prevented us from voting. And even hindered us in the quest from being a quarterback in the NFL or playing catcher in Major League Baseball.

Since then we’ve grown as a society and Deshaun Watson, Patrick Mahomes, Russell Wilson and Lamar Jackson have become great quarterbacks. We don’t even think about who is behind the plate in baseball.

When I debate I never tell you that you are wrong. I say I disagree. There is a difference.

If you made it this far some of you Twitter Trumpers believe I am picking on you because you support Donald Trump. Not true. I live near people who support Trump and we’ve had delightful conversations that are void of anger and angst.

My wife Abs is not a Trumper but one of her best friends is. And if you tried to mess with Julie, Abs would kick your ass. She’d do the same to me if I tried something out of line.

Here is the mistake you make. You ask me if I watch CNN. The answer is yes. Then you assume that is the only place I get my news and views. Nobody asks if I listen to Rush Limbaugh or Candace Owens. You never ask if I go to right wing web sights. The answer is yes.

I also listened to New Black Panther leader Khalid Muhammad before he died and Louis Farrakhan. I am trying to understand this whacky world we live in from every angle and every view. I must admit I do not understand it yet. But damnit it I am going to keep on trying.

Here is my flaw. I am emotional and sometimes I need to go off to make myself right again. This is one of those times.

I carry around the baggage of being told I am incapable of doing things simply based on skin color. I was told not to become a sports writer because I’d fail based on the color of my skin.

I wasn’t smart enough to succeed in that business. So forgive me for being a little sensitive about this. I’m hearing the same crap in 2020 that I heard in 1970. It riles me up even if you meant nothing by it.

I did not allow people to influence me then. And I am not going to start now.

If I allowed strangers to rule my life, then I would be stupid.

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