My view of the Valenti and Rico Show

For 13 years I was one half of the tag team duo of Valenti and Foster on 97.1 FM. You could say we were WWE tag team champions for many years.

Now there is a new voice mimicking the role I played — angry black guy. Now I am on the sidelines, a listener like many of you. So what is the one word I would use when I listen to the afternoon show with Rico Beard and without me?


Mike and Rico often sound like two dues sipping cheap scotch in their man’s room, talking about sports and life. They like each other. In fact I dare say their chemistry is stronger than when I was on the show.

As far as I know Rico has not had his “Let the Bitch Walk” or “East side rib shack’ melt down. Give it time.

Mike sounds happier. Rico sounds like he is happy to get his shot on the big stage. I am happy that they finally found each other.

The talk in the street that Rico was forced upon Mike is not true. Mike has pushed for Rico to be on the station for several years. Yes, they are friends. But when he looked at the 971 lineup he always believed there was a spot for Rico.

And he was right.

I do have suggestions. Put Rico’s name in the promotions and tags. He deserves it. They are radio partners. Rico is not a guest host.

My other small pet peeve is they say each other’s names too much.

“Hey Mike, the Lions suck.”

Hey Rico I have a boil on my ass.”

“Yep Mike I know the feeling.”

It’s OK to do that sometimes. But when you do it too much I feel left out as a listener. I also want more Roberto. He is such an odd ball who knows little about sports. But he cracks me up.

And can we get Hatchet going off on callers more on the air? He is so rough on people for being a church guy.

Even before I became ill I approached management about a reduced role. Maybe I’d be a fill in. Maybe I would come on a few nights a week or on the weekend.

I wanted to be home more. I wanted to laugh with friends during happy hour. I wanted to play catch with my son Brandon and teach him the proper way to shoot a jump shot. I wanted to be a better friend to people. But I never had time to do it because my world in newspaper and radio was at warp speed most of the week.

Now I can hop in my car from 2-6 pm and smile. I am in a better place. And my former radio partners are in a better place. That sounds like a win-win to me.

Do I miss radio? No.

Right now my perfect job would be working for a company where I pass out the coffee and Danish in the morning, bull shit with employees during their work break and write the company blog. But no such job exists.

So I will stay hunkered down at home and pass along any help I can to my college freshman son and chill. And I will continue to volunteer for Detroit PAL, hoping to help develop a new generation of sports writers and broadcasters.

And if I am in the car from 2-6 pm I will smile as I drive along our new paved roads here in Oakland County, listening to an enjoyable show.

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