Broncos and Chippewas bring fun to Central-Western rivalry

Sarah the Bronco glanced at my Central Michigan University mask and was almost apologetic when she introduced herself as a Western Michigan grad. She worked at the Apple Store in 12 Oaks Mall and she helped me with some technical issues with my I Pad.

If you are reading this Sarah the Bronco, I do not dislike you because you attended WMU.

I almost sent my son to Western because I thought it was a better fit for him than CMU. I married a Bronco although she says she is a Spartan because Abs went to graduate school at Michigan State, grew up in East Lansing and had parents who worked at the school. I’ve partied with Broncos on the Western campus and at CMU. I even rooted for you guys to row the boat.

We are rivals but we are not bitter rivals.

My first taste of Western came during my freshman year at CMU. We had a wild “End of the World Party” that overtook the entire town of Mt. Pleasant the night after a CMU-WMU football game. The streets were filled with students wearing maroon and gold and poop brown and urine yellow.

We drank and danced and nearly tore the town down.

I passed out in a house littered with Broncos and Chippewas and stumbled to my dorm room about a mile away. Toilet paper and newspaper swayed from trees. There was garbage in the streets and more students stumbling to their houses and dorm rooms.

What a night.

I drank too many beers and attended a trash can party where the host fills a trash can with pop, ice cream and other mixers. You are admitted after pouring a bottle of booze into the trash can. The drinks that night were lethal.

That’s where I collapsed. If you want to know what I looked like when I fell watch the George Forman- Joe Frazer six knock down fight. I was knock down number five.

On the way to the dorm I saw a body laying in a field on campus. As I drew closer I noticed it to be my friend Gurney. Damn, my boy Gurney is dead.

I slowly approached. The body moved. Gurney tried to make it to the dorm the previous night and fell short of his goal. He had dew and cookie crumbs on his face.

We made it to the dorm, ate lunch and slept the rest of the day.

We staggered to the dorm, ate lunch and

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