Shots fired on the basketball court

The first rule of pickup basketball is if an angry player leaves the court, then you only have one move to make.

Get the hell out of there.

If he heads west, you head east. If he storms off to the north you find a path to freedom to the south.

The angry player is coming back. And instead of cussing out everybody on the court, he is coming back to shoot the place up. This is a sad reflection of where we are as a society.

There is no call or no game worth putting people in harm’s way. Most pickup basketball players believe they are the second coming of LeBron James or Isiah Thomas, even if it is just for a short moment in time. There is no way they missed that basket. You fouled them.

There is no way they lost that game. Somebody on the other team cheated.

These basketball heroes don’t settle things with a whistle or logic. They storm off and return with a gun.

That recently played out at Basketball City in Roseville. There was a dispute during a pickup game, a guy stormed off, and returned with a gun. According to Roseville police, the gunman pointed his weapon at a player he had a dispute with. But the player shot the gun man before a real gun battle broke out.

I’ve been in this situation before when we played games on Epworth on Detroit’s west side. We play. We argue. One player storms off in anger. I leave.

You know he is coming back to seek revenge. And these gun men end up randomly shooting and everybody is in harm’s way. I’m not getting shot up because of a meaningless game. If I were playing that day in Roseville I would have been half way to Traverse City by the time the gun man returned.

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