Michigan lacks passion and hatred against Michigan State

Here is the skinny on the Michigan-Michigan State football rivalry. The Spartans hate the Wolverines and it shows in their tenacity on the field. The Wolverines do not hate the Spartans, but they should.

We should all be surprised at Michigan State’s surprising 27-24 victory over Michigan Saturday afternoon. But at the same time maybe we shouldn’t.

I’ve been behind the walls of both camps. Michigan players will tell you they hate State. But you can tell they are just telling you what they were told to say. Spartans will tell you they hate the Wolverines and they mean it.

The Wolverines are the handsome frat boy that drives on campus in the Lamborghini and the girls flocking around him. We believe he is going to kick ass without him telling us. The Spartans are the ugly red-headed step child that drives the Ford Focus. He is tough as nails, but he has to prove himself week after week. We never believe in him until he is standing atop the Big Ten standings.

Here is reality. State has won two Big Ten titles under the divisional format and been to three championship games. Michigan has not won a Big Ten title outright since 2003.

The days of Bo and Woody and the Big Two and Little Eight are long gone. Michigan can no longer roll the football out with superior talent and win. The Wolverines must also add superior coaching, passion and a little hatred to the brew. The blue bloods fail too often.

Defensive coordinator Don Brown and Harbaugh have not figured out Ohio State’s running game and crossing patterns. On Saturday over matched corners were left to whither as they chased the Spartans Ricky White (eighth receptions, 196 yards and a touchdown).

State’s defense turned vicious again.

Harbaugh’s contract expires following the 2021 season and Ohio State, Penn State and MSU are hoping Athletic Director Warde Manuel keeps his word and awards him with a lifetime contract.

Jimmy is 3-3 against MSU, an appalling 0-5 against Ohio State and 1-4 in bowl games as Michigan head coach.

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