Our Gangster in Chief fights to the bitter end

President Donald J Trump played all of us during this presidential election. And he will keep playing us to the bitter end.

Maybe we should start calling him Donald X. By any means necessary, he is going remain in the White House for the next four years. If he loses this election the military is going to have to storm the White House and remove him.

As of Friday morning we still don’t know who will lead us for the next four years. Currently, races are deadlocked in Georgia, Pennsylvania and Arizona. Joe Biden is making a surge that the president knew was coming. It is one he set up.

The state elections are deadlocked. The nation is gridlocked.

Here is how Trump played us.

During this Covid crisis Democrats decided to vote by mail or absentee. Even though those ballots came in first, they are being counted last. Trump told us before the first ballot was cast that they would be corrupt. Meanwhile Trump encouraged his followers to vote the day of. That ensured he’d have a big lead election night.

Then when the Biden votes came in Trump could go back to his refrain of “voter fraud, they are stealing the election from me.”

And that’s exactly the way it looks.

“If you count the legal votes I easily win,” Trump said.

Stop the count.

Start the count.

Let’s do what benefits the President.

The result is his supporters and non supporters are left fighting on social media and in the streets.

He told us weeks ago this is what he was going to do. That is one reason why he rushed to get another Supreme Court judge who would look kindly up on him. He knew the fight would reach well beyond the ballot box. He was taking it to the streets.

He is our first Gangster in Chief.

Do you remember the final scenes of Scarface? Trump is Tony Montana. He is going to mow down authorities who try to remove him from the White House. He will be the one with cocaine dripping off his nose holding an automatic weapon screaming: “Say hello to my little friend.”

This is where I am supposed to tell you that I am outraged by his actions. But I won’t. I actually admire his spunk and drive. I don’t like the lies that he tells. I don’t like how he stirs us up. But there is something to admired about Gangsters.

Back in the day this nation had a love obsession with Bonnie and Clyde.

We will never have a president like Trump again. And quite frankly I am exhausted by all the news he created and the false allegations he showered upon us.

He convinced millions to ignore doctors and ignore science saying Covid is not that serious and that it is a hoax. He convinced more black males to listen to him, follow him and vote for him.

He introduced us to the term fake news. You can now use the word shit on cable television because of him.

He’s caused people to hit the streets in protest for and against him. Maybe I got the gangster part wrong. He might be more like a cult leader.

He grew up with a silver spoon. But Trump has that New York street fighter mentality.

He will go out with a black eye and broke arm. But we will all be damaged following the battles with this man.

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