Tears for Trump

Natalie is a crier.

She cries when she is happy. She cries when she is sad. She cries in the morning. She cries at night.

The other day she listened to presidential election news on her commute from work to home. Announcers finally told us that the long ordeal was over. America had selected Joe Biden to be our next President. Donald J. Trump was out.

Like many of us Natalie was exhausted by the election. Tears began to form in her eyes. Again Natalie was crying. She could not see and needed to pull over. A man noticed her distress. He pulled over also to soothe her.

He offered a tissue.

“I know how you feel,” he told Natalie. “I’m sad too. America is losing a great president. He loves America. He loves the American people. I will miss Donald Trump also.”

Natalie looked at the man in bewilderment. He had a MAGA hat, Trump-Pence stickers on his car and a Trump-Pence button on his shirt.

“You got it all wrong,” she said. “These are tears of joy. I am glad Trump was voted out of office. Now we can go back to normal.”

This story is another example of our great divide.

Let me give you another story. I talk to people during my almost daily walks around the lake. A man told me he knew the 2020 election was a sham because there was “no way” the majority of Michiganders would vote for Biden.

Less than five minutes later I ran into two ladies who told me “there was no way Michigan would vote for Trump a second time.”

I reminded both parties that there are only three guarantees in life. Death, taxes and the Detroit Lions failing to go to the Super Bowl.

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