I’ve decided to lower the heat on my Twitter time line

Often my Twitter time line turns into a shit show.

I don’t know if I’m being trolled or do people really have these backwards opinions? Are they messing with me? Are these bots, Russian operatives, Proud Boys or regular US citizens? Usually they support Donald Trump and they get their views from Breitbart, The New York Post and other conservative news sights or bloggers.

Anything in the New York Times, Washington Post and CNN is fake news.

They claim to like me but are angry that I do not think like them. I’d be a more perfect human being if I thought more like Candace Owens, Hershal Walker or Diamond and Silk. Why can’t I be a good Negro?

They lecture me and try to tell me how to feel as a black person in America, that black people have more rights than white people and that black people are in better shape than whites.

I don’t know why they’ve got to mess with me. But they come out of the woodwork to fill my time line.

They tell me that Trump did not make fun of a handicapped New York Times reporter, that the 2020 election was stolen from him and that the most divisive president in the last 20 years has been Barack Obama.

Gretchen Whitmer deserved to be kidnapped and left floating in the middle of Lake Michigan. Bat shit stuff.

I’ve been brain washed by CNN. Of course my views would have nothing to do with my life experiences. That’s why I sometimes bring real life experiences into my blog posts and Twitter jams.

I’m sure they think I’m just making shit up.

I get angry and try to talk common sense. It did not work. It does not work. And it will never work. And they don’t just pound their views once. They do it for three and four days. I’m part of the problem because I fire back over and over and over again.

I get this from my Aunt who believed if somebody pisses you off that you fire back. Do not allow anyone to trample you. That may have worked in the 70s and 80s. It may have worked when I was 30 or 40. But I am older. Times have changed. And I get frustrated, exhausted and tired.

Someone tweeted at me “I remember when Terry Foster used to talk sports.” They are right. I’ve become distracted. I plan to try to fix the Detroit Lions, make Michigan and Michigan State football great again. And rediscover every Detroit sport franchise that appears to be dead and buried.

Let’s talk beer and bourbon and women and men. Let’s have fun.

Let’s get through Covid and meet at Comerica Park on a warm summer night. Tell me where to get the best sandwich. Help me with my dream trip of going to Wyoming where I want to order a shot, beer and burger while wearing a cowboy hat at a cool cowboy bar with mountains peaking over the horizon.

I want life back to normal. I am tired of being a jerk. I’m tired of being angry and talking down to people. I am tired of being attacked and I’m tired of attacking people.

I need to remember that Twitter is not the real world. It is fake views.

I run into conservatives and Trump supporters in real life. They are great. They are fantastic. We sometimes talk politics, but we never argue. A guy invited me to a Trump boat rally. I told him I was not a big Trump supporter. He smiled and said: “Come anyway. We will help educate you. And there might even be a beer in it for you.”

I also run into people in real life who say: “I have found your Twitter time line the last few days to be entertaining. Who are these people?” Then there is a second set who want to know “Why do I engage with these people?”

I’ve come to the conclusion that silence is golden.

So when some bot or butthead post something ridiculous I plan to quote the great philosopher Marshawn Lynch. You will see what I mean.

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I am a 58 year old retired sports journalist, husband and father of two living outside of Detroit in search of his next big adventure in life.

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