I grew up on odd home remedies that worked

We never made our children drink castor oil or cod liver oil. And they survived.

We never made them eat liver and onions every Sunday. And they never caught a deadly blood disorder that ruined their lives.

I grew up on home remedies and it was awful. If I didn’t drink cod liver oil or castor oil I would come down with some deadly disease that would ravage my body. All the moisture in my skin would disappear and I would turn into a block of ash and granite. I’d never poop again and the back up would eventually kill me. If I didn’t eat liver once a week my blood would turn from liquid to chalk.

My aunt and grandmother scared me into consuming this awful stuff. In today’s modern world it might be considered child abuse. Cod liver oil was like drinking mucus. Liver taste awful, but it was good for your blood.

The women in our neighborhood could fix just about anything. For instance I used to get terrible leg cramps as a child. I got one while laying in bed and it would not go away. My grandmother grabbed a box of Morton’s salt and rubbed the salt on the bottom of my foot. The cramp disappeared.

A few weeks later I got another leg cramp at Mrs. Price’s house. She calmly turned to her son and said: “Lamont get the salt.”

Is there a book I don’t know about?

Whenever I got a nose bleed my grandmother cut off a sliver of a brown paper bag, folded it and placed it over my top gum. Nose bleed stopped. It still works. My daughter Celine used to get bad nose bleeds. I tried the brown paper bag trick and left her room.

About 30 seconds later she lets out a loud scream. “Dad!”

“It worked.”

Do we still use home remedies in today’s modern world? If so, what are they?

I never took my kids to the doctor when they got stomach cramps. Instead I did the hot towel treatment. You soak rags or towels in scalding hot water, wring out excess water, and place it on their stomachs. You repeat until the pain subsides.

It takes about 10 minutes but their stomachs begin to gurgle. They poop. And the stomach cramp disappears.

When Celine’s stomach hurt as a baby I’d place her on the diaper changing table, pull her legs back over her head. She’d fart and begin laughing. I don’t know if the laughter was because her stomach felt better or because she nailed the old man with a smelly fart.

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