This social butterfly wants compromise on shutdowns

Today is the first day of another state lockdown and it is already driving me nuts.

I barely leave the house any way, but I miss the option of hanging out or eating out whenever I feel it was safe enough to do so. Covid-19 is driving me nuts.

I am a hugger. I am a social butterfly. I love my friends.

I understand why we cannot go out at a whim, but it is tough. I won’t be one of those people that storm social media and call Gov. Gretchen Whitmer a tyrant bitch because the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services closed restaurants, Bowling alleys and movie theaters. But you know Whitmer will get the praise or scorn for this. She means well. She wants to save lives and wants to save people from the anguish of Covid-19.

I mostly support the governor but I do not understand why she could not reach out to the legislature to put more eyes on the prize. This should have been a committee of the governor, the legislature, Dr. J, Democrats, Republicans and Independents. They should have reached out more to the community for its input.

Everybody should be in on the solution.

This is a tough disease with tough consequences no matter what side of the fence you stand on. If we open up we lose lives. If we close down we lose jobs. There must be a common sense game plan to get through all of this.

Actually there is. But not everybody wants to follow that game plan. I truly believe that if we’d social distanced more and wore mask that the tough parts of Covid would be behind us. I just don’t get the aversion to wearing a mask.

It’s not like doctors and politicians are asking us to wear balls and chains or I’m a with Stupid T-shirt. It is a mask. It is a piece of cloth.

We must wear shoes and a shirt to enter a store. We know we can’t wear a University of Michigan shirt in Columbus.

I have fun with it. I wear Red Wings, Tigers and Pistons masks. I also found masks that support my old school Central Michigan University. People even greet me with a hearty “Fire Up Chips.”

One of our problems is we have too many rights in the United States and we feel entitled. The mentality is we don’t want anybody telling us what to do even if it is for our own good. People don’t trust government. They don’t trust the media. And they don’t trust doctors and scientists.

We must put our trust in somebody. So what do we do? We pile on top of each other in clubs and bars, boats and barges. And we believe that Covid won’t touch us. The problem is that it touches too many of us in a bad way. More than 10 million Americans have been touched. More than 240,000 have died this year. Many more will die before the year is out.

I know eight people who have it now, including one relative. They all say this is not a hoax, it is more serious than a super flu. It is no fun to have tubes hooked up to you. It is no fun to spend time in the hospital.

Instead of calling the governor a tyrant bitch and launching plans to kidnap her maybe we should reflect on what we can all do to improve the situation. Whether you like it or not, we are all in this together. So let’s become teammates.

I miss holding court with old Detroit News pals Bob Wojnowski and Chris McCoskey while watching a college football game or the game of the night in the NBA or NHL. I miss life as it used to be.

Let’s figure this out. Together.

Too many people believe in the misinformation rather than the information. We live in a society where any Tom, Dick or Harry can float a hair brain idea and people believe them. I don’t know what’s fact or fiction.

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