Our Thanksgiving will be smaller with no snoring or peach cobbler

The basement mini fridge is filled with bottled water and juice. The bar is lined up with chips, granola bars, Twizzlers, pita chips and a few other of Celine favorites to snack on.

We are breaking CDC guide lines by flying my daughter Celine home for the holidays today from California. And then we will stuff her in the basement for quarantine.

Other than that we are planning an atypical Thanksgiving celebration. The two grandmothers are not invited. Uncle Ralph won’t be over and the Reed family won’t make the annual drive from North Carolina to grub with us.

Usually we have 12 people over. This year it will be four. Wife Abs, son Brandon and Celine who will quarantine in the basement. She won’t eat with us but we will keep a steady diet of turkey, ham, macaroni and cheese, yams, rolls and sweet potato pie rolling to the basement.

That is our concession to the Covid-19 break out. We are risking Celine traveling through the San Francisco and Detroit airports. We are hoping her mask protects her for the flight and the strolls to and from the gates. I don’t want my daughter spending weeks on a darkened uninhabited campus. I want her home.

We are not even sure when Stanford is going to open again. Therefore we got her a one way ticket home. She could be here through December or return in the spring or summer to finish her senior year. She might finish her senior year in the basement. We are not sure.

However, she has quarantined at home before. The last time was for 15 days after sitting next to someone at a play in San Francisco who tested positive. Celine was not infected but we wanted to be sure.

She is clean right now. We are pretty sure because Stanford requires students to be tested once a week.

I am glad she will be home but I will miss the traditional Thanksgiving. I will miss the chatter and catching up on everybody’s lives. I will miss the snoring. By the time the second football game hits half time half of our family is in different stages of food coma.

We are catering most of our side dishes from a local restaurant because the industry is struggling with the latest shutdown by the state of Michigan. The only thing we are making at home is the turkey, which I am in charge of.

The menu is pretty standard. Turkey, Honey Baked ham, collard greens, macaroni and cheese, yams, dressing, cranberry sauce and sweet potato pie. I am still hoping that peach cobbler lands on our door step, but I was overruled on the cobbler because no one wants to bake one or find one.

My fingers are crossed that we all enjoy a smaller but safe Thanksgiving. I hope your food is scrumptious and that we have a Covid free holiday.

And if peach cobbler is on your menu please save me a piece. I love extra crust.

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