I believe in Sheila Ford Hamp

These words will probably come back to haunt me. But that’s OK. I am an aggressive commentator.

I believe in Detroit Lions majority owner Sheila Ford Hamp. I believe she is different and competitive and is just as pissed off about the last 60 years of Detroit Lions failures as the rest of us. She is different from her father because she cleaned house over the weekend firing both coach Matt Patricia and General Manager Bob Quinn.

Many of you won’t give her credit for that because it seemed like a no-brainer. However, her father, William Clay Ford Sr, may have fired Patricia because he lost the dressing room, but he would have found lame excuses to keep Quinn. We only have to look back at Matt Millen. His first five years as team president were the worst in sports history. People in the organization told him that Millen was in over his head and needed to go. So what does the old man do? He gives Millen a contract extension because “the front office was better organized.”

Ford Hamp pulled the plug at the right time and I applaud her for that. Maybe it’ll take a woman’s touch to turn this embarrassment around.

There are concerns however. It is troubling that non football man Rod Wood remains part of the decision making process and is the de facto General Manager. Why do the Lions continue to allow bean counters to be in on the final decision?

At the very least the Lions should hire a consultant to help during the hiring process.

I was also disturbed when Ford Hamp said she wanted to turn the Lions into a winning franchise. Screw that. I have yet to hear anybody say they want to turn the Lions into a championship franchise. When you’ve been this bad for this long just winning more games than you lose is a only start. It should not be the goal.

Other than that Ford Hamp seems different, seems different than her old man and seems to care. If she makes mistakes she is not afraid to correct them.

And if I’m wrong you are allowed to make fun of me.

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