Take one for the team. Take one for America. Take the Covid-19 vaccination

Forty percent of Americans say they won’t take the Covid-19 vaccination when it becomes available.

I am not one of those people. I am taking one for the team. I am taking one for America. I am taking one so life can return to as close to normal as possible. It appears as if the vaccination could be given to health care workers and long term facility patients before the end of the year.

England has already approved of the vaccination and could begin administering vaccinations in a matter of days.

The rest of us must wait until spring.

I know at least a dozen people with the disease, including three relatives, and the number keeps increasing. None of them said having the virus is easy. They have complained of breathing difficulties, fatigue and the fear of long term ramifications.

I’ve tried to understand why 40 percent of people won’t take two shots to help rid this menace of society. You need to go no further than the Internet where misinformation and conspiracy theories are abound.

They run the gambit to the government implanting microchips into our bodies to keep track of us to the vaccine not working. Meanwhile companies like Pfizer and Moderna report 90-95 percent success rates among people they’ve injected during trial runs needed to get CDC approval.

Many believe the medication is being rushed. I believe that our technology is much more advanced than when we sought a vaccination for polio, measles and small pox. Another astonishing stat is the disease has hit the black community at a more rapid rate yet only 32 percent of blacks say they will take the vaccination according to the Pew Research Center.

Former President Barack Obama said he’ll take a shot on live television to help earn peoples’ trust. Black people remember the Tuskegee Syphilis Study where 600 share croppers from Alabama were lied to by the government and mistreated for syphilis.

Times are different now. And we are all part of the study today. I am trusting the process. This is not 1932.

If me taking the shot helps my fellow man and woman then I am all for it. We must open up restaurants again. Michigan and Ohio State must play before packed stadiums again. And I want to hug again.

If a vaccination helps lead to a normal life I am all for it.

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