Trade Stafford to the San Francisco 49ers in 2021

I have breaking news today regarding the Detroit Lions General Manager search. The team has decided not to hire me.

Bummer man. However, if the team changes its mind I have a game plan for my first 100 days.

Priority one is getting on the horn with the San Francisco 49ers to see if they have enough assets to swing a trade for quarterback Matthew Stafford. The Niners need Stafford to improve their chances of winning a Super Bowl and enhance a mostly run-short pass offense. The Lions need players to boost a depleted and confused roster.

You don’t think Stafford would thrive under Kyle Shanahan? I sure do.

Stafford should be able to fetch a first or second round pick and younger players who can hopefully thrive in a new defensive scheme.

Here is the tough part for Lions fans. You will have to sit back and watch this man win multiple playoff games and possibly watch him hold an index finger in the air while advancing his team to a Super Bowl. The man is a better quarterback than he’s shown in 2020.

You know he’d come into Ford Field at least once and ruin your day.

Stafford didn’t look right after the Lions fired coach Jim Caldwell. And the answer to his demise may be hidden in the reporting of MLives Klye Meineke who said the Stafford- Matt Patricia relationship was at times frosty.

Here is what Meineke wrote when asked by a reader in his weekly Lions mail bag if Patricia got along with Stafford.

The veteran, franchise quarterback wasn’t a fan of Patricia’s talking-down style, according to multiple sources in a position to know. I believe there is more to the story, but that’s what I have confirmed and feel comfortable reporting at this time. I don’t think it was a toxic relationship at any point, but there was tension between the coach and his quarterback, period.

I believe the man. I have no one telling me there were problems between Stafford and Patricia. However, the eye ball test from afar didn’t look right. The Lions under Patricia did not trust Stafford as much, attempting to dumb down the offense and run more under offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell.

Matthew remained mum but his wife Kelly Stafford told us the family was looking for a new start during her blasts of the Lions and the area. Let momma have her wish.

Stafford only looked comfortable during the final two minutes of games when he was free to let it loose and be himself. The Lions held Stafford in check more than any NFL defense.

There are one of two ways to go. You can hire a brilliant offensive mind to come in and rework Stafford at age 32. Or you can trade him to a team that wants to win championships.

Hall of Fame receiver Michael Irvin is a believer in Stafford and believes he can become great in the right system. He might be right. However, I’m more intrigued with reworking the Lions with new players than reworking Stafford with a new mindset.

Stafford has been in the NFL and has yet to win a playoff game. That’s more an indictment on the Lions than Stafford. Do you know there is only one man walking the face of the Earth who has won a playoff game as Lions quarterback?

He is 54 year old Erik Kramer, a man who went undrafted in the NFL draft and spent time in the CFL before getting his shot with the Lions in 1991 when he filled in for injured Rodney Peete.

People believe you cannot win playoff games with Stafford. I disagree. If Stafford played for any other team in the NFC North, he’d have multiple playoff victories. You don’t think the Chicago Bears would swap out Mitch Trubisky for Stafford in a heart beat?

I’d call the Bears if they were not in the division. I would hate to explain to Lions fans why Stafford is kicking my ass twice a year.

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